Will Elemental 2 Happen? Ember Star Responds (Exclusive)

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Leah Lewis, Elemental

The lead actress for Disney Pixar’s Elemental shared an update on her involvement in its potential sequel, Elemental 2.

Leah Lewis voiced Ember alongside Mamoudou Athie’s Wade. While the two started on rocky footing, they eventually turned out to be a pretty sweet couple, getting a happy ending by the time the credits rolled.

As for what’s next, Elemental writers John Hoberg and Kat Likkel confirmed last year to The Direct that they had a scrapped idea to introduce Ember and Wade’s child: "a steam baby."

Hoberg also claimed "there's so much more to tell" about Wade and Ember's story.

Leah Lewis on Elemental 2

Ember in Elemental

While speaking exclusively to The Direct about her most recent animated film, The Tiger’s Apprentice, Leah Lewis gave a brief update on the possibility of Elemental 2.

When asked if she thinks she will ever reignite that flame again, the actress admitted "[she] hope[s] so:"

"Oh, my goodness. If I had the details, I would probably not be allowed to [say]. But I would hope for that. But I do not have any details on that. I hope so, though."

What Are the Odds of Elemental 2 Going Forward?

When it comes to Elemental 2 happening, there is already plenty of chatter about the project.

Jeff Bock of Exhibitors Relations Co. claimed late last year that they’ve heard “Disney [is] going to turn [Elemental] a D+ series” and that “there might even be an 'Elemental' sequel.”

Many thought the project’s middling critical reception (getting one of the studio’s lowest Rotten Tomatoes scores) and mediocre opening weekend at the box office (raking in $29.6 million domestic) would be enough to sink any sequel possibilities.

However, the movie had some legs, grossing over $400 million worldwide. When it landed on streaming, it became the most-viewed movie across all streaming services and got 26.4 million views within its first five days.

All this to say, don not doubt the potential of more stories in that world. And for anyone who wants to tell a story there, any writer could probably find dozens of interesting plot lines to explore in a place like Element City.

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Elemental is now streaming on Disney+.

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