Inside Out 2: What Is Ennui? Emotion Meaning & Role In Sequel Explained

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Ennui (aka boredom) is an interesting new emotion that Inside Out 2 could've utilized more.

Ennui's inclusion in the Pixar sequel has made many wonder how the personified emotion will fit. The character is voiced by French actress Adèle Exarchopoulos best known for her roles in Blue Is the Warmest Colour, The Last Face, and Passages.

As one of Riley's new emotions, the trailer showed a glimpse of Ennui's dynamic with the rest of the new and old characters and her "couldn't care less" attitude in Disney's Inside Out 2.

Ennui’s Inside Out 2 Role Explained

Ennui using her phone in Inside Out 2

Inside Out 2 spent a good chunk of its runtime mainly focused on Anxiety's takeover of headquarters (aka Riley's mind) and Joy and the rest of the core emotions' banishment and journey back to regain control of the young girl. 

In the background is Ennui. She is usually busy with her phone to cement herself as the personified manifestation of boredom.  

Most of the time, Ennui is just there in headquarters, ignoring her fellow new emotions during Anxiety's full-blown takeover. Due to her limited role, it is reasonable to assume that she may be one of the forgotten characters in the sequel.

The sequel also revealed that Ennui's use of her phone is of the utmost significance because she can control the headquarters' console with an app instead of physically heading over to the console to push the actual buttons. 

There was one pivotal moment, though, where she joined Embarrassment and Envy in betraying Anxiety and working with Joy and the others to remove Riley’s corrupted sense of self and replace it with a new one filled with different core memories.

Why Ennui Is Unnecessary (& How It Could've Improved)

Ennui, Anxiety, Envy, & Embarrassment in Inside Out 2

Ennui's lack of interest is showcased throughout Inside Out 2's 96-minute runtime, but there is a sense that she is just barely there. It is safe to say that the sequel can stand alone even without her. 

Some would argue that Ennui should have been more integral to the movie's storyline instead of being relegated to a minor role and deemed unnecessary by some viewers.

One way the sequel could've used Ennui better in Inside Out 2 is by using her as the new emotion who ends up siding with Joy and the others to challenge Anxiety from the start. 

Doing this would've allowed Ennui to stand out since the audience could learn more from her and the other new emotions, using her perspective to gain insight into them. 

A potential Inside Out 3 offers a chance to redeem the sequel's use of Ennui, similar to how the latest movie elevated Fear, Anger, and Disgust by showcasing more of their dynamic with Joy in an unexpected journey in Riley's mind.

Inside Out 2 is now playing in theaters worldwide.

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