New Inside Out 2 Trailer Confirms Major Pixar Shared Universe Theory

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After many years of speculation and rumors, the new trailer for Inside Out 2 just confirmed the Pixar shared universe theory.

Inside Out was initially released back in 2015, and now, fans are looking forward to seeing the sequel, Inside Out 2, which is set to hit theaters on June 14.

The teaser trailer for the upcoming Pixar film teased that a new emotion (Anxiety) will be on full display alongside the other emotions introduced in the first title, which were Joy, Sadness, Anger, Fear, and Disgust.

How Inside Out 2 Confirms the Pixar Shared Universe Theory

Riley in Inside Out 2

In the new trailer for Inside Out 2, a subtle easter egg appears in one of the shots, finally confirming the Pixar shared universe theory.

For those unfamiliar, this theory (created by Jon Negroni and popularized by the Super Carlin Brothers) states that every single Pixar film happens in the same universe and that elements from each film influence the others, from Brave (which takes place somewhere around the year 1300-1400) to Monsters Inc. (4500-5000).

However, Inside Out 2's new trailer is the first time that one of the films acknowledges the fact that the different titles are all in the same universe, and it does so by subtly revealing a poster on the wall.

4*Town poster in Inside Out 2

In the trailer, Riley (Inside Out's main character) is in her bedroom. Behind her, a poster of a band called 4*Town is hung on the wall.

This band was present in Pixar's recent Turning Red movie, which means that Riley's having a poster of them on her wall definitively places Inside Out and Turning Red in the same universe.

Turning Red is set in 2002, and the first Inside Out is set in 2007, so the latter's sequel likely takes place a few years later. So, although Turning Red and Inside Out 2 are likely roughly around eight years apart, it still seems as though the 4*Town band is still together. More importantly, it confirms and continues the Pixar shared universe theory.

Diving Deeper Into the Pixar Shared Universe Theory

The original Inside Out movie has its own connections to Jon Negroni's Pixar Theory. In a post on his official website, Negroni stated that a rat in Inside Out looks strikingly similar to Remy from Ratatoullie, and Carl and Ellie's wedding from Up can be seen in a memory.

However, Negroni also presented the idea that Riley's imaginary friend, Bing Bong, was a monster from the Monsters Inc. world who began as her personal monster.

Negroni revealed that this would explain why Bing Bong has animal-like features from cats, elephants, and dolphins because the monsters in Monsters Inc. have animal characteristics themselves.

The Super Carlin Brothers explained in a YouTube video how Turning Red connects to the wider Pixar shared universe. In that video, Jonathan "J" Carlin dives into how the witch from Brave is Boo from Monsters Inc., who is also the mother of Meilin's friend, Abby, in Turning Red.

In Brave, there is a carving of Sully in the witch's hut, and she has dozens of wooden bears that she has carved out because she always remembers Sully.

J Carlin described that Boo could have learned a lot about bear magic from Meilin's family in Turning Red and also could have learned about time travel from the Lightyear movie, which she would have been able to use infinitely to make sure that Sully is never forgotten.

Since the witch can turn people into bears in Brave, this theory also suggests that Boo could have traveled back in time to utilize that magic in the past as well.

Inside Out 2 will be released in theaters on June 14.

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