Justice League's Zack Snyder Teases New Snyder Cut Footage & Announcement for This Week

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Zack Snyder and Justice League scenes

Anticipation is high for the release of Zack Snyder's Justice League next year on HBO Max . Snyder has been hard at work when it comes to releasing different tidbits about his version of Justice League during the cut's grassroots campaign in recent years, but it seems that he is still not yet done.

In recent weeks, the visionary director shared a substantial amount of information about the Snyder Cut which includes the likes of Dick Grayson's death , Darkseid's eventual live-action debut and the return of Junkie XL's original score . All of this was anchored by the surprise reveal of a short teaser. And now, it seems that there will be more surprises in store to keep fans in check.


During an interview with Grace Randolph of Beyond The Trailer , Snyder hinted that he might " show a clip" of the Snyder Cut soon while also teasing "another announcement" for the fans during this weekend's Justice Con:

"I may show a clip, maybe? And it is a small clip, but oh I mean I may, what did I say? It may be a small clip, and also maybe there's another little like a teeny little kind of... Another announcement as well, like a little side thing just for the fans. The clip is the... It's gonna be fun."

You can watch the full interview below.


Although Snyder has shared a plethora of information about his cut over the years, it has been confirmed by the director that fans have only seen "the tip of the iceberg." In a way, this makes sense since the long list of reveals from Snyder has been through answering fan questions and short glimpses of storyboards and unfinished shots from production.

This was ultimately realized when the first teaser arrived. Although fans already knew that Darkseid would eventually debut in Snyder's version of the film, the footage from the teaser still sent shock waves through many, and it even gave birth to numerous speculations on how it will all tie together . That said, it's safe to say that those reveals from Snyder are far different from what was actually executed, and the imminent debut of more footage should keep fans excited of what's to come.

Justice Con will arrive this weekend , and it's clear that more reveals from Snyder will be unveiled. In addition, it's a safe bet that Snyder will share notable information about his cut during next month's DC FanDome event. Hopefully, fans will get a better idea of how the Snyder Cut will look like after the two major events.

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