Justice League: Zack Snyder Had 'Dream Scenario' for Snyder Cut Announcement That Never Happened

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Ever since the announcement of Zack Snyder’s Justice League , there has been no shortage of reveals that surfaced online in the past weeks. The tumultuous production of the 2017 flick has been well documented over the years, but the recent reveal of Cyborg actor Ray Fisher about Joss Whedon’s on-set behavior may have added more fuel to the fire.

On the flip side, the road to the Snyder Cut coming to fruition was not easy. Fans, several Justice League cast members, and even Snyder himself had to do their own grassroots campaigns to call the attention of Warner Bros for them to release the original version of the film. Eventually, the Snyder Cut found a home in the form of HBO Max , officially announcing that the famous cut will arrive next year .

Last May, Snyder, along with Superman actor Henry Cavill, announced the impending release of the Snyder Cut following the director's live commentary of 2013's Man of Steel . And now, new information has surfaced online which reveals an interesting story about what transpired during that day.


In a tweet from the official twitter account of Release The Snyder Cut book , author Sean O'Connell shared a quote from Zack Snyder reflecting on the "hard-fought win" of the cut's movement:

"I wanted to honor what the fans had created by trying to do this [announcement] in a way that would be dramatic or cool. Our intent was just to try and honor what everyone had done by giving them a reveal that was worth the effort. If that was possible! And the truth is, I don't even know if that, as a concept, was possible."

The snippet also revealed how Snyder "tracked every step of the fierce battle" when it came to the release of the Snyder Cut:

Snyder understood, better than anyone, how much time and energy was spent raising (and maintaining) awareness for the Snyder Cut. He had tracked every step of the fierce battle waged by the RTSC family to convince Warner Bros. to allow Snyder to finish his incomplete vision. He supported their efforts to educate naysayers, and backed the charitable fundraising campaigns that often were associated with the RTSC movement.

The tweet managed to tease "Snyder's dream-scenario plan" for the Snyder Cut reveal if the world had not been affected by the ongoing pandemic. However, it seems that fans will need to purchase a copy of the book in order to find out the aforementioned plan.

In another tweet, O'Connell shared an additional tidbit about Snyder's showmanship, along with Cavill's involvement during the celebratory reveal of the cut:

Sean O'Connell's Release the Snyder Cut book is set to be released next year.


Snyder's remark about the release of his cut to the masses is quite refreshing to read. In many ways, Snyder, along with the cut's supporters, have become underdogs throughout the film's movement. There is no doubt that the official announcement from Snyder last May earned massive praise and support not just from fans, but from cast members and DCEU veterans as well.

From online petitions to several Twitter trends (#ReleaseTheSnyderCut), fan efforts didn't waver over the years. In a way, the official announcement from Snyder himself serves as a triumphant way of capping off an unprecedented fan movement. The reveal about Snyder's showmanship during the eventful reveal last May also shows the director's passion and commitment to fans. The careful planning suggests that the Snyder Cut has long been confirmed, which should be surprising to most fans.

Snyder's massive support for the movement has been in full display over the years, and diehard Snyder Cut advocates knew that it was more than just teasers from the film. At this point, anticipation is high for the release of Zack Snyder's Justice League , and this should serve as good news for those who fought for the cut to be seen.

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