Zack Snyder's Justice League: Michael Shannon Gives Heartfelt Thoughts on Snyder Cut & the Director

By Richard Nebens Posted:
Michael Shannon, Justice League symbol, Darkseid background

Even while a number of moments during the first nine DCEU films have seemed to leave much to be desired amongst the fan base, the series boasts actors that have a monumental level of passion for the characters they play. Whether it be donning the classic red cape of Superman, the dark cowl of Batman, or even playing the villains that these heroes have to do battle with in the films, the Hollywood megastars that have carried the DCEU on their backs are never afraid to share with the public how much it means to be involved in this franchise.

The DCEU is still over three months away with the release of Wonder Woman 1984 delayed until November 2, 2020. With the world slowly working its way back to normal, there is still plenty of time to reminisce and look back on the great moments of past movies in the mega franchise. Recently, one of the biggest actors of the series sat down to share his thoughts on his experience with the DCEU and how he feels about the director that initially brought him on board.


In a Zoom Interview with media personality James Van Osdol on the Car Con Carne podcast, General Zod actor Michael Shannon spent the last couple minutes of his chat going in depth on his experiences with director Zack Snyder. When asked what he knows so far about the Snyder Cut of Justice League, set to debut on HBO Max in 2021, he replied with glowing praise for his friend:

I’ll tell you what I know is I…I feel for my friend Zack Snyder, he had a rough time of it. Between the struggles with his family and what he went through with Warner Bros., Zack is a sweet, kind, gentle, hard-working, super conscientious human being and I hope…I hope that this release gives him some sense of satisfaction or vindication or whatever because he…he’s such a good person, he deserves better than he’s been dealing with.

Shannon continued on with these final thoughts on his experience playing General Zod in Man of Steel, also directed by Snyder:

Yeah, I mean that was like, uh…I still, to this day, can’t even believe that…that he called me to do that. That did not seem like something that was within my reach. But uh, yeah, he got me - he got me in there, so, thank God.


Michael Shannon has spoken glowingly of Zack Snyder over the last few months looking back on both of their experiences working with Warner Bros. Snyder especially had a more challenging and turbulent experience with his tenure than almost any director in recent memory.

After the tragic death of Snyder's daughter led to his exit from the production of 2017's Justice League, he has continually had to defend himself on why the movie came out with such controversy attached to it. He is clearly ecstatic for the Snyder Cut's imminent release next year on HBO Max, as are the fans that have continually campaigned for its arrival the past three years.

For Shannon, even while Man of Steel came to theaters in 2013 with mixed reactions from critics and fans, his performance as General Zod was heavily praised. It's clear that Shannon is incredibly grateful he is for his friend Zack Snyder casting him in that movie and would be all-in to collaborate with him in the future.

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