Justice League: Zack Snyder Addresses the Snyder Cut's Place in the DCEU's Multiverse

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The DCEU made waves in the past few months with a slew of announcements about the franchise's future plans. After heart-stopping reveals and confirmations, it's clear that the DCEU is heading in a different direction by incorporating the multiverse approach . At this point, it's unknown how the multiverse will directly affect the in-universe storylines of the DCEU, but it seems that Warner Bros. plans on using 2022's The Flash to establish the franchise's plan .

Interestingly, Zack Snyder's Justice League set things in motion when the director announced that his version of the film will be released next year on HBO Max . It has already been established that the Snyder Cut will provide a different experience to fans, but how the film's ending will affect the DCEU in general is still a question in everyone's minds. Despite that, it appears that Snyder himself may have shed some light on how it will all come together.


In an interview with Grace Randolph of Beyond The Trailer , Justice League director Zack Snyder revealed that the Snyder Cut has the potential to "represent its own path" while also acknowledging that "it's kind of separate" from the DCEU's continuity:

"I believe that it really starts to represent its own path, you know? It doesn't really, it's kind of separate now from what I would say the DC Universe, Cinematic Universe in continuity... It is kind of, it's divergent in that way and I think that that's a good thing and I think that you know the power of DC and one of it's cool strengths is that sort of multiverse concept... and also where they kind of put filmmakers first and say you know what guys? We wanna hear your individual voices, take these characters and do a run and so show us what... you would do in sort of the great tradition of comic book writing and runs that have been done with all these amazing characters. "

Snyder also confirmed that his cut of Justice League will have a sense of "continuity" that follows the narrative structure of what has been established during Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice and Man of Steel , while also hinting that it will "continue the story" in some fashion:

"So I think that that is a cool and amazing sort of canvas, and so for me, you know I think Justice League, you know I've heard someone say like, oh like so it's the... You're entering the Snyder Verse now when you watch the... And frankly, you know... what you'll see in Justice League, and Batman V Superman and Man of Steel, they're... There's continuity across those three movies that's really I think, you know, very... (Connected hand gesture) Because I made them... That's what I really, that's my main focus is to satisfy that narrative structure, you know?"

Grace: "To continue that story?"
Zack: " To continue that story , right"

Update: Earlier in the interview, Randolph talked with Snyder about the 214-minute running time that Snyder had previously stated that his cut would be. Snyder revealed that "Now, in it's current state, it's gonna end up being longer than that" length.

You can watch the full interview with Snyder below.


Zack Snyder's Justice League has been a long time coming, and the film's eventual release is a massive piece of triumph for the cut's supporters. With that in mind, as evidenced by Snyder's remarks, there is reason to believe that the Snyder Cut is just the beginning.

Originally, Snyder admitted that he had a five-movie arc planned for Henry Cavill's Superman which included his intentions for a trilogy of Justice League movies. Back then, this wasn't possible since a different version of the film was theatrically released, but things are looking up once more due to the eventual arrival of the Snyder Cut. Adding fuel to the fire, the presence of the multiverse approach could solidify that the plans for the "Snyderverse" will come into fruition in some fashion since it will continue the story that Snyder hoped for the characters.

By placing the Snyder Cut in a different universe, this could mean that the director has the freedom to finish off his trilogy in an exciting way. It seems that the announcement of Zack Snyder's Justice League last May was the first huge step to get the ball rolling for the director's own vision for the DCEU. Whatever the case, all will be revealed when Snyder Cut drops next year on HBO Max.

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