Zack Snyder-Featured Justice Con Event Set for July

By Lauren Rouse Updated:
Zack Snyder and the Justice League Team

With the lack of in-person events taking place in 2020, many organizations are taking advantage of the stay-at-home situation to create online events for fans. One major player, San Diego Comic-Con, has recently announced that in place of their annual convention in July they will be holding a free virtual event. There has also been a prevalence of smaller conventions taking to the online space such as Wizard World and fan-run events like Homecon, which have been successful in bringing cast and creatives together online during production delays. 

DC have also been rumored to be planning their own event in August known as 'DC FanDome'. This makes for a stacked line up of online conventions for fans to get their pop culture news from over the summer. 


A new virtual convention known as Justice Con has been announced for July 25-26. The event is hosted by The Nerd Queens and the team at Comic Book Debate with special guests Ray Porter (Justice League), Jay Oliva (Justice League Dark) and Zack Snyder (Justice League, Man of Steel) set to appear. 



The newly announced convention will seemingly bring plenty of news for fans with Snyder as the main attraction. There has been lots of buzz around the recently confirmed Snyder Cut of Justice League and the director has teased changes for his version of the film including a new aspect ratio, changing the color palette and some line changes for the character of Cyborg. Ray Porter, the Darkseid actor in Snyder's cut, is set to appear, and it's looking likely some news around the mega-villain's appearance could be teased. With storyboard artist Jay Oliva also in the lineup, it's possible that news for the animated DCU could also be revealed. 

Justice Con cuts right into the middle of San Diego Comic Con's virtual event with both conventions set to take place on July 25 and 26. Little is known about whether DC Entertainment will make an appearance at SDCC's online event or will keep to the rumored DC FanDome. More is sure to be revealed about Justice Con in the next month, but nabbing Snyder for a panel will draw plenty of attention to this new event. 

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