Zack Snyder's Justice League: Darkseid's Involvement Teased with New Mural Translation

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The much-anticipated release of Zack Snyder's Justice League is set to potentially take place in early to mid-2021 . While it will be a while before fans will get to see Snyder's true vision for the superhero team-up, a slew of reports and reveals have already made its way online to keep everyone in check. On top of that, Snyder himself has been sharing a lot of tidbits about his cut through the years, and many would agree that one notable omission was Darkseid's intended appearance.

On the heels of the announcement of Snyder Cut's release, actor Rey Porter revealed that he originally portrayed the iconic DC villain in the famous director cut. After that, Porter has been vocal about his support for the Snyder Cut , joining fellow Justice League co-stars such as Henry Cavill and Jason Momoa . While the recent teaser trailer may have hinted how Darkseid will be incorporated in next year's Snyder Cut, a new breakdown may shed some light on the villain's reported involvement.


Twitter user @Unity_514 managed to translate the writings in the murals that were observed by Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot) during the teaser trailer that was recently released. At the top of the wall, the fan's translation was "Parademons flying down through the Ether."

Meanwhile, the middle portion of the wall translates to "The Ether flying down...and with a loud roaring clash of iron and blood and horses they have pushed back the conspiracy of the invaders."

Lastly, the fan pointed out that the last portion of the wall includes the most notable translation, with it saying:

"The high-thundering Zeus commanded/ordered/urged his son Ares to severely/terribly punish and kill Darkseid (Skotomidis) the invading being. Therefore, because of what happened to Darkseid, as a result for his own sake, he survived/prevailed being only scorched/burned/roasted but defeated in battle, he fled to the stars in a hurry. But the ruling/dominant soldiers left behind the three arks/boxes. Therefore one ark/box each was distributed among the three generations/tribes/races/clan so that they can watch over/hide/guard/protect/defend them if ever Darkseid invades again."


On the surface, the translation of the murals alludes to the history lesson that was given by Wonder Woman to Bruce Wayne (Ben Affleck) during the theatrical cut . However, the original cut showed Steppenwolf as the chief invader while the updated breakdown reveals that Darkseid was the original leader of the intended invasion. This goes to show one of the major changes that Snyder will re-insert into his cut.

Interestingly, Snyder has already shared this little known fact way back in 2018, revealing the image of a deleted scene of Gal Gadot's Wonder Woman observing the aforementioned murals. Due to the upcoming release of his cut, this deleted scene has been transformed as part of the Snyder Cut's actual teaser, potentially hinting that the slew of teases from Snyder in the past might come in handy for eagle-eyed fans.

Darkseid's debut in Zack Snyder's Justice League is a huge deal for hardcore fans since it will mark the live-action debut of the iconic villain. The promise of seeing the fight between Ares and Darkseid should be enticing to fans while also giving them a glimpse of the early days of DC's menacing villain. While the future of Darkseid is unknown after the Snyder Cut, the threatening and calculating nature of the villain should be enough evidence that he is here to stay as one of the DCEU's future threats.

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