Zack Snyder Wanted Henry Cavill To Have Beard & Mullet In Justice League

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Tomorrow March 18th is a day many rabid DC fans have been waiting years for. Zack Snyder's Justice League will finally be available for viewing on HBO Max, allowing everyone to see the true version of the film as Snyder intended.

The likely inferior 2017 version was a project composed of chopped up ideas, and questionable reshoots, a version of the film that was critically ridiculed and led to Warner Bros. completely rethink where their DCEU was headed.

From questionable physical humor to a poorly designed and written main villain, there were just no wins to be had from Joss Whedon's Justice League .  This is obviously something that The Snyder Cut aims to erase from the public's memory .

Easily one of the biggest controversies from the 2017 version of the film came from having to digitally remove Henry Cavil's mustache, a mistake that led to many online memes. This made his return in the last parts of the film all the more distracting.

Zack Snyder often likes to speak his mind, so naturally, he had plenty to say in regard to Superman's appearance post-resurrection.


In an interview with YouTuber Tyrone Magnus , Zack Snyder was asked about what he thought of bringing Henry Cavil back with long hair and the beard, alongside the black suit.

"Oh yea. We actually talked about it a lot, and I was a slight advocate...a little bit, for the mullet...but I think that there was no way to go back from that and at the time the studio was really leaning on me pretty hard. There was just...I was lucky to be able to figure it out, so I could get the blacks suit. [Nondescript] and I had done a lot of research before, so we knew how to turn the color suit black. "

Snyder went on to comment on all the difficulties he had with the studio in regard to getting what he wanted out of Superman's post resurrected look.

"I always said I’d shoot the colored suit, but it’s a mistake. Okay...just gonna put on the...I’m just saying it outloud to you guys, this is bullshit. And so they were like, ‘You don’t know what you are talking about, nobody wants a black suit, lets just do the colors.’ And so, you know, but I thought like, look 'In post, you guys are going to change your minds.' But, here we are with the black suit. Yea, the beard and the long hair, that was gonna be. There was no way to undo that. We saw how that went last time they tried to do it.”


Superman Black Suit

Clearly, Warner Bros. was wrong about a good portion of their decisions on Justice League back before its 2017 release. Hence, the existence of Zack Snyder's Justice League. Granted it's not hard to see why someone would fight back against Superman having a mullet, it's only something any sane person would do. However, the rest of what Zack Snyder wanted from Henry Cavil's return from the dead would have fit fairly well.

Seeing Superman rise from the grave, ragged with long hair and a beard, donning with his black suit, would have been an iconic and fitting image for the character. It's not known exactly how Henry Cavil will look like when he rises from his grave this time around, but at the very least that iconic black suit will indeed be fully realized . Not to mention audiences won't have deal with that terrible ghost 'stache .

Quite frankly, it's sad that fans likely won't get any more Henry Cavil Superman after The Snyder Cut drops tomorrow, and if he does return it certainly won't be in reference to Snyder's changes. Given that Warner Bros. is focusing on creating a Supergirl film , alongside a rumored Superman reboot , Cavil's days within the DCEU may have already come to an end. At the very least, maybe he'll have a future with Marvel .

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