Justice League: Leaked Image Shows Henry Cavill's Mustache Look For Superman

By Aeron Mer Eclarinal Posted:
Henry Cavill as Superman

The anticipation surrounding Zack Snyder's Justice League is sky-high, mainly because of the film's impending arrival on HBO Max in a few weeks. While the attention of the viewing public is focused on the entirely different approach of Snyder towards the superhero team-up, a good chunk of the conversation among fans has been centered on the disappointing performance of 2017's Justice League .

This development isn't surprising, especially considering the fact that the theatrical cut paved the way for the birth of Snyder's version in the first place. It's no secret that the upcoming Justice League will be vastly different from what previous director Joss Whedon presented on the big screen, with Snyder even admitting that using scenes from the previous entry will “destroy” his original vision.

One of the key differences between the two versions is the role of Henry Cavill's Superman, which includes everything from the likes of his costume all the way to the actor's physical appearance. Now, a new behind-the-scenes image from 2017's Justice League has emerged that paints a picture of what exactly went wrong.


Twitter user @TaurooAldebaran uncovered a newly-leaked image of Henry Cavill's Superman from the set of the reshoots of the theatrical cut of Justice League . Taken from the post-credits sequence of the film, the image shows Cavill sporting his mustache that was digitally removed during post-production.

Alongside the reveal, two photos, showcasing different behind-the-scenes looks at Cavill's now-famous mustache, were also included.


On the surface, this image is essentially reminding fans of a major domino piece that derailed the 2017 superhero film. Many would agree that the mustache debacle of Justice League was a huge factor that hindered the film's momentum, and it translated to the silver screen very poorly.

For context, the Man of Steel's character arc was part of the massive overhauling of Whedon for Justice League , and Warner Bros. experienced a major challenge due to the actor's filming schedule during that time since he was filming another project in the form of Mission Impossible: Fallout . In that film, Cavill was required to sport a mustache for this role.

This made it difficult for Whedon and the rest of the crew since Paramount didn't agree on shaving Cavill's mustache to preserve the production timeline of Fallout . As a result, the actor's involvement in the reshoots forced the studio to adjust, thus leading to this image.

The aftermath of the debacle was outright negative, and this is one example that CGI can't fix everything. The computer-generated shave of Cavill's upper lip in the film was noticeable from the get-go, and it's no secret that it was a hot topic on social media then.

At this stage, Superman is expected to take a different narrative trajectory in Zack Snyder's Justice League , and it's safe to say that no mustache will be involved this time around.

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