Meet Jeramey from Love Is Blind: 5 Things to Know About Jeramey Lutinski

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Jeramey Lutinski from Love Is Blind Season 6

As Netflix's Love is Blind moves further into its new season, fans are learning about one of this year's fan-favorite reality stars - Jeramey Lutinski.

The popular reality series, which premiered in 2020, captivates audiences by documenting individuals searching for love without meeting face-to-face. 

Season 6, with its finale streaming on March 6, is the first of two new seasons scheduled for 2024, promising fans a year filled with entertainment.

Part of this year's new crop of contestants is 32-year-old Jeramey Lutinski, who makes his way to the love pods from Charlotte, North Carolina as he hopes to find someone to partner with for his future.

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Who is Love is Blind's Jeramey Lutinski?

 Jeramey, Laura in episode 606 of Love is Blind

What Is Jeramey's Job?

To make a living, Jeramey works in intralogistics, helping him stand out from other contestants thanks to her area of expertise alone.

According to VersaBox, intralogistics is defined as "the branch of logistics that deals with the organization of the flow of information and materials within a given company."

To put that more simply, he handles the complicated set of processes and systems companies use to deal with the internal flow of goods and materials. This ensures that the appropriate goods are in the right place at the right time while keeping inefficiencies and mistakes to a minimum, ensuring customer satisfaction as consumers receive the products they order.

Jeramey is a Spartan Race Competitor

Jeramey is also known for pushing his physical limits as a competitor in Spartan Races, one of the most difficult tests of the human body's resiliency in the world.

The Spartan Race is a series of intense long-distance obstacle races ranging from as little as three miles in length to as long as over 50k, which is longer than a typical marathon (42.195 K).

Jeramey took part in a Spartan Race in 2018, sharing an image on Instagram of himself carrying a large log over his shoulder while racing against other competitors.

He competed once again in 2020, sharing new pictures on Instagram of himself running over a log barrier, carrying a large barrel on his shoulder, and navigating his way under wires while crawling on the ground.

He also included the caption, "3+ miles, 20 obstacles under 1 hour. Descent" with the more recent set of photos.

This is also far from the only physical event or sporting activity Jeramey takes on, as his Instagram is filled with pictures from past athletic experiences.

In May 2021, he spent four days racing in Arizona and Utah on a UTV, totaling over 400 miles of racing as he slept in the desert and spent time on cliffs over 9000 feet tall.

Other pictures and videos on his social media pages show him hiking through mountains, sitting on a jet ski, and even wakesurfing behind a jet ski.

Jeramey Left Things on Bad Terms with Laura

Love is Blind Season 6 saw Jeramey in an intense relationship with fellow contestant Laura Dadisman, which did not end well as they separated from one another.

In the early dating pods, Laura and Jeramey were nearly inseparable as Laura teased him about his love of Hawaiian shirts before they joked about his sleep apnea and imagined a perfect holiday season together.

Even while he got close with another contestant, Sarah Ann, Laura was a constant part of his journey on the show.

Soon after, Jeramey proposed to Laura before they met in person, going on their honeymoon as fans saw an instant connection and compatibility between them on a physical level. However, things quickly changed after the "bean dip" incident, with Jeremy worried that he was going to get "canceled" after flicking Laura's chest, allegedly at her own suggestion.

This led to a major bout of embarrassment for Laura, although they would move past it before moving in together once their honeymoon was over.

However, during the honeymoon, Jeramey told a castmate that he would like to actually meet Sarah Ann, even though he was now married.

Following that honeymoon, Sarah Ann messaged Jeramey about how happy he made her and that she would love to meet him if his "mind [was] shifting," which Laura found highly inappropriate as she confronted her new husband over it.

After Jeramey comes back from a late night out, Laura asks him where he was all night, leading him to tell her that Sarah Ann wound up in the very location where he was hanging with his friends, giving him a hug before walking away.

This led Laura to berate him about not doing enough to cut off the relationship with Sarah Ann, insinuating that he wanted to keep Sarah Ann as an option if things did not work out with Laura even though Jeramey gave Laura complete access to his phone and data.

This led to their break-up as Laura was convinced Jeramey was not over the other contestant from Love is Blind.

Jeramey is Standing Up to Haters

The Love is Blind Season 6 participant took to Instagram on February 21 to address the online hate and commentary he and his fellow castmates have faced since new episodes began airing. 

Calling the hate "over the top," Jeramey gave himself and the other show participants credit for having "the courage to put [themselves] in the public eye" for an experiment, chiding fans for having such high expectations of them:

"Ok, got it. Enough.

The amount of hate myself and other cast mates have received is over the top. We all had the courage to put ourselves in the public eye to watch an experiment unfold. For you it's entertainment, for us it was apart of life at an accelerated pace. Unfortunately for the world, filming 8-10 hours a day isn't enough. Next time we'll recommend having cameras attached 24/7. We'll make sure everyone is perfect at every moment and nothing but blunted boring moments happen."

While admitting fans are "entitled to their opinions," he used some choice language to call out those who made assumptions about the cast with no involvement in the show or any knowledge of the contestants as people.

He also made it clear that he and his castmates will discuss the events of Love is Blind Season 6 "when the time is right:"

"While everyone is entitled to their opinions it's fucking wild to make assumptions about everyone without 

1) knowing us

2) being involved in any way 

3) not being apart of the other THOUSANDS of hours of footage that's captured.

Everyone will get their chance to speak when the time is right. Until then we all get it."

You Can Book a Cameo From Jeramey Now

Apart from his appearance on Love is Blind and his social media pages, Jeramey has an account set up on Cameo, a website where fans can pay to request personal video messages from celebrities.

Jeramey's page can be seen here.

Jeramey can be found on Instagram at @lutinskij and on TikTok at @jlutinski.

The first nine episodes of Love is Blind Season 6 are now streaming on Netflix. Episodes 10 and 11 will be available to watch on Wednesday, February 28 before the finale airs one week later on Wednesday, March 6.

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