Love Is Blind Season 6 Episode 12 Release Date & Remaining Schedule

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Netflix's Love Is Blind is hurdling toward its Season 6 finale, as the Episode 12 release date was officially confirmed. 

The hit streaming reality series follows the romantic exploits of 30 eligible bachelors and bachelorettes as they hopefully find love. However, there is a twist, as the men and women in the series cannot meet face-to-face unless it is for a proposal. 

Thus far in Season 6, fans have been treated to plenty of twists and turns (and even a proposal or two). But with the clock ticking on this latest batch of episodes, there is only so much time for these hopeful singles to find love. 

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Love Is Blind Season 6 Finale Locked In

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Ahead of its upcoming finale, Love Is Blind confirmed when Season 6, Episode 12 will be released. 

The 12th episode of Love Is Blind Season 6 will mark the end of this current season (aside from the eventual reunion special), coming to Netflix on Wednesday, March 6. 

The Season 6 finale will be released in line with the rest of the season up to this point, hitting the service at 12:00 a.m. PT/ 3:00 a.m. ET. 

While Episode 12 may mark the end of this round of the hit reality series, fans will not have to wait long for more with a reunion special following the Season 6 finale. 

The Season 6 reunion special will be released on Netflix on Wednesday, March 13 but will do so in prime time, debuting at 6:00 p.m. PT/ 9:00 p.m. ET. 

Here is the full list of Love Is Blind Season 6's remaining release schedule:

  • Episode 12 - Wednesday, March 6
  • Reunion Special - Wednesday, March 13

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What To Expect in Love Is Blind Season 6, Episode 12

As the Love Is Blind Season 6 finale quickly approaches, fans will be eager to know what will happen in the show's remaining couples. 

So far this season, the Pod experiment has been quite successful. By the halfway mark, a third of the contestants had already left thanks to engagements. 

While that may not necessarily mean they followed through with a marriage, there is still the chance a few contestants couple up by the time credits roll in Episode 12. 

This season has been full of love triangles (and even a few squares). So, as the show marches toward its end, fans will get some sort of closure with a few of these, ending Season 6's drama once and for all. 

From there, audiences will be treated to the Season 6 reunion special, picking up months later to see where the cast is and who stayed with whom. 

According to leaks, only one couple from this season tied the knot. Despite this, it will be fascinating to see what happened to each couple and where things went wrong after many of them left Season 6 with a happily ever after. 

Love Is Blind is streaming now on Netflix. 

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