Love Is Blind 2024 Cast: Every Couple & Contestant In Season 6 (Photos)

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Love Is Blind Season 6 contestants and wallpaper

Love Is Blind is back for Season 6 on Netflix with a new cast of singles looking to leave the series as couples. 

The hit reality series has been wowing fans since its debut in 2020, following men and women in their quest for love with one another without ever meeting face-to-face. 

Season 6, which premiered its first six episodes on February 14, marks the first of two new seasons hitting the streamer in 2024, as fans will have plenty to enjoy throughout the calendar year. 

Meet the Cast of Love Is Blind Season 6

Nick & Vanessa Lachey (Hosts)

Nick and Vanessa Lachey Love Is Blind
Nick and Vanessa Lachey

Husband and wife duo Nick and Vanessa Lachey return to Love Is Blind as the series' central hosts. The pair serve as the eyes and ears of the audience, guiding viewers through this bizarre experiment in romance. 

Nick is a former member of multi-platinum-selling boyband 98 Degrees, who met Vanessa while shooting a music video during his career as a solo artist in the early 2000s. The pair have been married since 2011 and have three children together. 

Brittany Mills

Brittany Mills Love Is Blind
Brittany Mills

Instagram: BrittanyMills123

TikTok: @Bmills123

Brittany Mills joins Love Is Blind as a 25-year-old senior client partner looking to find her soulmate during the show. Brittany says that she has yet to find the right guy because of her incredibly high standards, as she brings a level of maturity and unwavering morals that no one has met.

That changes, however, when she hits it off with Season 6 cast member Kenneth. The pair couple up almost immediately, bonding over their Christian faith and the loss of a parent at a young age. Brittany and Kenneth are one of five couples to take it all the way and get engaged at the end of the series. 

Alejandra Toro

Alejandra Toro Love Is Blind
Alejandra Toro

Instagram: _alejthegreat

TikTok: @_alejthegreat

According to Alejandra Toro, being single as long as she has been is a "choice" (via Tudum). This 28-year-old financial consultant considers herself the alpha of any situation and has been waiting to find a man to match that. 

She says she "see[s] such a bright future for [her]self" and needs a man "that only adds to [her] life." While being detail-oriented with small inconveniences setting her off, she understands everyone is a work in progress and is willing and excited to grow with someone despite their bumps and bruises. 

Amber “AD” Desiree

Amber “AD” Desiree Love Is Blind
Amber “AD” Desiree

Instagram: amberdesiree

TikTok: @itsamberdesiree

Amber "AD" Desiree is a real estate broker who is unwilling to settle just to have a man in her life. This 33-year-old professional is over the surface-level conversations and connections of the dating world and is ready for that "soul connection."

Luckily she finds it in the form of Clay. While the pair starts as two-thirds of a love triangle, they eventually commit to each other. During his proposal, Clay revealed he had never seen the show before and was unsure things would work out for him. But the two leave engaged after finding that connection they both had been craving.

Mackenzie Tenold

Mackenzie Tenold Love Is Blind
Mackenzie Tenold

Instagram: _mackjo

TikTok: @_mackjo

Mackenzie Tenold is a make-up artist from Charlotte, North Carolina. At 25, Mackenzie is fed up with the hookup scene in her hometown and is looking for a deep and personal connection. She truly believes it is what is on the inside that matters, making her a perfect fit for Love Is Blind

Being a former high school basketball star, Mackenzie is six feet tall. She hopes that her height is not a deterrent for any potential suitors and that she can meet someone on the show that she can see herself starting a family. 

Amy Cai

Amy Cai Love Is Blind
Amy Cai

Instagram: amy__cai

One of the older contestants on this season of Love Is Blind is 34-year-old Amy Cai. She is a PR director who has only been a part of one long-term relationship up to this point. Amy knows that if she is going to find love in the series, she is going to have to step out of her comfort zone and "let [her] walls down."

Amy is looking for someone who "is not only [her] best friend, but also pushes [her] to be better every day." She is adventurous and ready to share in those exploits with someone else. Even if she does not feel a spark immediately, Amy wants to put the work in to see if there is something special with any new relationship on the show. 

Sarah Ann

Sarah Ann Love Is Blind
Sarah Ann

Instagram: sarah_ann411

TikTok: @sarah_ann411

Coming into Love Is Blind Season 6 having been single for the past four years, Sarah Ann has an open mind and is ready for love. While being independent, this 30-year-old customer support manager thinks she may have built some bad dating habits in recent years, as fierce independence can "be a deterrent to men because everyone wants to feel needed."

Her ideal partner would be "thoughtful, funny, extremely playful" and jive with her Christian beliefs. 


Danette Love Is Blind

Instagram: dcoombsss

TikTok: @dcoombsss

Danette joins Love Is Blind as a globe-trotting 30-year-old flight attendant, hoping to settle down with her forever person. Known for her strong morals and DIY skills, Danette hopes to build something deep and meaningful with her next romantic partner. 

Danette is what she calls "uniquely [her]" and is not willing to compromise herself just to make something work. She says she needs a man who will match her energy and is "an all-around crazy, adventurous person."

Sunni Haralalka

Sunni Haralalka Love Is Blind
Sunni Haralalka

Instagram: sunitagabrielle

TikTok: @sunniharalalka

Sunni Haralalka is a 34-year-old business analyst who is ready to "be more of a lead in my story versus a sidekick." Talking to Netflix's Tudum, Sunni revealed that in the past, she has felt like she "hasn't always given [her love] to the right people," but that will hopefully all change as she enters the pods of Love Is Blind

Sunni believes she can sus out any bad actors in her next relationship, calling herself "pretty intuitive" regarding relationships. She hopes that her husband will be there to travel the world with her and maybe even partake in some hip-hop dance classes. 

Laura Dadisman

Laura Dadisman Love Is Blind
Laura Dadisman

Instagram: looo_bear

TikTok: @looo_bear

Laura Dadisman works her days as an account director, spending her time in the high-stakes world of sales. She enters Love Is Blind as a 34-year-old who has tried "every other avenue" in the dating world. This experiment is a test for her as she will have to "quit putting people in a box," thinking she "know[s] everything about them by the way that they look."

During Season 6, Laura meets Jeramey, and after some questions about commitment, the two connect, leading to an eventual proposal. 

Jessica Vestal

Jessica Vestal Love Is Blind
Jessica Vestal

Instagram: jess.ves

TikTok: @jess.ves

Jessica Vestal is a 29-year-old executive assistant living in Charlotte, North Carolina. While maybe not looking like it from the outside, Jessica is a jokester known for her keen intellect and quick wit. 

While she is looking for a husband on Love Is Blind, she is also searching for a father to her daughter. Jessica is a single mom who hopes to find someone ready to take on the responsibility of helping raise a 10-year-old. 


Danielle Love Is Blind

Instagram: danielledionnee

TikTok: @danielledionnee

Danielle works in the world of corporate communications, knowing the value of the messages one puts out into the world. She is 30 years old and - having just moved to North Carolina - is ready to start this new chapter in the company of a lifelong partner. Another fun fact about Danielle is she is a member of the Army Reserves and is ready to get her hands dirty if she needs to. 

Danielle's biggest wants in a husband are "masculine energy" and "emotional maturity" after having spent the last few years aboard the dating app carousel.  

Chelsea Blackwell

Chelsea Blackwell Love Is Blind
Chelsea Blackwell

Instagram: chelseadblackwell

TikTok: @chelseadblackwell

Chelsea Blackwell is a flight attendant and event planner by day and a 31-year-old hopeless romantic looking for love by night. She joins Love Is Blind looking for not just a husband but a "travel buddy [and] best friend" as well. Chelsea is fairly independent, given her globe-trotting career, but is not afraid to open up and break down her barriers for the right person. 

A few episodes into Love Is Blind Season 6, Chelsea and Jeramey hit it off. Despite starting as part of a love square with two other prospective singles, Chelsea and Jeramey decide they are meant for one another. 

Amy Tiffany

Amy Tiffany Love Is Blind
Amy Tiffany

Instagram: amytiffany

TikTok: @amytiffanyy

Amy Tiffany comes into Love Is Blind Season 6 as a 28-year-old e-commerce specialist who has been left feeling a little forlorn in her love life. Dating has taken a backseat in Amy's life as she "[doesn't] have the patience for apps and feel like they’re super superficial."

Amy almost immediately finds the romantic fulfillment she was looking for, though, falling for Johnny early in Season 6. The pair hit it off, eventually leading to an engagement - the first such promise of marriage of the season.

Amber Grant

Amber Grant Love Is Blind
Amber Grant

Instagram: grantav

TikTok: @grantav

One of the two Ambers on this season of Love Is Blind is Amber Grant, a Charlotte-based medical device salesperson. The biggest thing Amber seeks in a relationship is a deep unending trust with the other person. She has been burned before and is not doing it again. 

The 31-year-old bachelorette is incredibly close with her family and knows whoever she ends up with needs to get along with her familial unit. She thinks the experience of Love Is Blind will be a good one as it does away with "what we don’t like about the dating world nowadays," focusing on "getting to know somebody for who they are to the core."

Ashley Wala

Ashley Wala Love Is Blind
Ashley Wala

Instagram: awala24

TikTok: @awala24

Ashely Wala knows all about helping people get better - working her days as a nurse practitioner - but it is time for her to do the same for herself and find love. Ashley admits she has a problem with falling for "pretty boy player" type men who are not the best for her. She is using the Love Is Blind experience to get over that and work on her love life without being able to see the other person sitting opposite her. 

Being a goal-oriented person, Ashley is keen on meeting someone right for her who will not "[dim] my light ever again." She notes that she has everything but a man to stand beside her, so now is the opportunity to change that as a part of the hit Netflix series. 


Matthew Love Is Blind

Instagram: 15mduliba

Coming into Love Is Blind Season 6 as the oldest cast member is 37-year-old Matthew. This senior financial advisor has crunched the numbers and knows he may have been a little too emotionally guarded regarding his past relationships. He wants to open up on this season of the hit Netflix series and meet someone who is "intelligent, caring, considerate, hardworking, and driven."

Matthew comes as a part of a package deal, with whoever he ends up with having to be okay with his adorable boxer dog who is a major part of Matthew's life. 

Kenneth Gorham

Kenneth Gorham Love Is Blind
Kenneth Gorham

Instagram: watch_kenn

TikTok: @watch_kenn

Kenneth Gorham is a 26-year-old middle school principal ready to find the woman of his dreams. Kenneth is a devout Christian and knows whoever he meets also has to share in his deeply held beliefs. His perfect woman can be described as "caring, compassionate, intelligent, nurturing, and most of all just authentic to who they are."

Kenneth ends up a part of one of two couples to not be involved in any sort of love triangle, with the school administrator falling quickly for Brittany. The pair connected on a level never felt before by either of them, resulting in an eventual engagement. 

Austin Borders

Austin Borders Love Is Blind
Austin Borders

Instagram: austininthewild_

TikTok: @austininthewild

Working in software sales when not on the search for love is 27-year-old Austin Borders. When it comes to his love life, Austin is a simple guy, preferring "a morning conversation over a cup of coffee" to anything flashy like big trips or expensive dinners. Austin is an open book and wants a partner who is just as willing to be vulnerable as he is.

Some of Austin's favorite activities include playing guitar, taking in live music, and sparring in his jiu-jitsu gym. 

Jamal Stewart

Jamal Stewart Love Is Blind
Jamal Stewart

Instagram: jentlemanbrand

TikTok: @jentlemanbrand

Jamal Stewart is a 32-year-old store director who admits he has not been the best romantic partner in the past. While he may have missteps in his past, he is ready to put those behind him and find someone he can spend the rest of his life with as a part of Love Is Blind Season 6. 

Jamal's ideal soulmate would get along with his tight-knit family, be interested in his Jamaican and Liberian heritage, and would not be averse to the idea of a little soul jam karaoke every once in a while.

Jimmy Presnell

Jimmy Presnell Love Is Blind
Jimmy Presnell

Instagram: jimmypresnell

TikTok: @jimmypresnell2

Jimmy Presnell works in software sales and has a smile that can (and does) light up a room. The 28-year-old prospective lover is "so ready" to settle down and get married. All his life, Jimmy has aimed high and is looking for someone who can match that level of ambition. 

Early in the season, Jimmy meets Chelsea and the rest is history, as the pair end up engaged by the end of Season 6. 

Vince Doa

Vince Doa Love Is Blind
Vince Doa

Instagram: vincedoa

TikTok: @vincedoa

Vince Doa joins the series as a former U.S. Army general who is now working as a lawyer in Charlotte, North Carolina. When it comes to finding love, this 35-year-old has his eye out for a "little bit of a tomboy" who is also a "good Christian girl." The idea of someone "find[ing] their forever person and settle[ing] down" is what drew Vince to Love Is Blind. 

With a military past, Vince is disciplined and has been known to wow with his kitchen skills. 

Clay Gravesande

Clay Gravesande Love Is Blind
Clay Gravesande

Instagram: grave_sande

TikTok: @grave_sande

The women of Love Is Blind better watch out for Clay Gravesande, a 31-year-old entrepreneur with a winning smile and bubbly personality. Clay's number-one thing he looks for in a relationship is "adaptability," being able to ride the "roller coaster [of life]" and "stay with [him] through the test of time."

Clay is ready for the kind of love that lasts for the rest of his life, remarking "I got myself a house. I got myself a good job. This is the moment."

Nolan McNulty

Nolan McNulty Love Is Blind
Nolan McNulty

Instagram: nulty9

Nolan McNulty is 31 years old and spends his days working as a management consultant. While he is pretty open to all sorts of types of people, Nolan's biggest deal breaker is someone who has a love of cats. There are cat people, and there are dog people, and Nolan is firmly one of the latter. 

He is also looking for someone who "loves love as much as [he] love[s] love," saying that in the past, he may have thought he had too high of standards, but he now realizes that without those, he would have likely settled for someone who was not his soul mate. 

Trevor Sova

Trevor Sova Love Is Blind
Trevor Sova

Instagram: itstrevorsova

TikTok: @itstrevorsova

Trevor Sova has a heart as big as his biceps, known for his extensive workout routine and fun-loving attitude. He is 31, works as a project manager, and is looking for that special someone on Season 6 of Love Is Blind. After years of "hookups, messing around, and not taking relationships seriously," Trevor is ready for that next step into something meaningful. 

His ideal partner would be able to keep up with his busy day-to-day and love kids as much as he does, having a passion for working closely with disabled children.


Drake Love Is Blind

Instagram: drake.m.c

TikTok: @drizzybreeze3

Drake is a 32-year-old video producer ready to whisk someone off their feet and settle down into a life of romance. Drake's biggest want in a woman is someone who believes "every day has the potential to be the best day ever" and "appreciates and accepts creativity."

He has spent the last few years working on himself, realizing what he wants to get out of a relationship and living under the mantra, "I’m ready to find love now because I love myself."

Ariel Gomerez

Ariel Gomerez Love Is Blind
Ariel Gomerez

Instagram: arielgomerez

Joining the series as a 32-year-old mortgage broker, Ariel Gomerez wants to find someone who will sign on the dotted line of his love life. After having settled into his career, he is ready for a lifelong commitment from someone who is "hardworking, dedicated, and overall just an easygoing [person]."

Hopefully, she also has a funny bone because Ariel is known for being quite the comedian, to the point that is has gotten on some people's nerves in the past.  

Jeramey Lutinski

Jeramey Lutinski Love Is Blind
Jeramey Lutinski

Instagram: lutinskij

Jeramey Lutinski works in intralogistics, meaning his planning, organization, and execution skills are on point; however, he has yet to lock down that soul mate he has so desperately been looking for. At 32 years old, Jeramey is done with the dating game and wants to get married. His ideal woman is physically active and is not opposed to a routine as Jeramey lives a fairly regimented life. 

During Love Is Blind Season 6, Jeramey finds exactly what he is looking for in Laura as sparks fly between the pair. Jeramey and Laura fall for each other and leave the series committed. 


Deion Love Is Blind

Instagram: deiondp

27-year-old Deion works in software sales and spends his nights soundtracking local venues as a DJ. Deion is not just looking for any woman to settle down with. He wants his eventual wife to be his "best friend" and share his passions like music and corny jokes. 

However, this prospective partner also cannot participate in gossip, as Deion finds whispering behind people's backs a major turn-off. 

Ben Van Houten

Ben Van Houten Love Is Blind
Ben Van Houten

Instagram: benjamin.vanhouten

Ben Van Houten is a 34-year-old cloud solutions architect who - despite being okay with bachelor life in the past couple of years - would like to finally find that special someone. Ben is looking for someone who can " add value to [his] world and add value to [his] peace."

Outside of his job, Ben's passions include Muay Thai boxing, cooking, and swing dancing. 

Johnny McIntyre

Johnny McIntyre Love Is Blind
Johnny McIntyre

Instagram: johnny__mcintyre

Johnny has been on the quest for 'the one' for quite some time and comes to Love Is Blind having exhausted all the options at his disposal. This 28-year-old account executive wants someone who can "stand on their own two feet" in more ways than one, as he looks for an independent woman who may also want to join him on the slopes for some snowboarding. 

Luckily, Johnny meets Amy, and the pair become one of Season 6's first couples. The pair fall in love almost instantly and leave the series engaged with wedding bells in their future. 

Love Is Blind Season 6 is now streaming on Netflix.

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