Love Is Blind Season 6 Cast: All Couples, Ranked Worst to Best

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A lot has happened during the latest episodes of Love is Blind on Netflix, so here's how the couples currently rank following Episode 9.

Season 6 of Love is Blind adopted a unique release schedule, with the first half of the season streaming on Valentine's Day and more episodes released each Wednesday until the finale on March 6.

The drama was elevated in the series following the initial stage of the individuals seeking love and getting to know each other (with the intent of getting married) within the pods. 

As the couples form, some newfound love appears stronger than others, especially after a few events during the most recent set of episodes.

The Remaining Love Is Blind Season 6 Couples Ranked

Brittany and Kenneth

Brittany and Kenneth

During Episodes 7-9, Brittany Mills and Kenneth Gorham decided not to pursue marriage after realizing their relationship lacked the intensity they experienced in the pods, leading to a tearful but mature breakup. 

Brittany explained to Entertainment Weekly that the initial intensity of their connection faded, "and the passion is what led [them] to take a turn in [their] relationship:"

"The crave, and the passion, and the intensity of our pod experience didn't necessarily continue throughout the rest of our relationship. Towards the end of it, it definitely started to drift away. Truly, from my perspective, the intimacy, and the craving, and the passion is what led us to take a turn in our relationship."

In addition, Brittany added that you need to be "100 percent confident" to go through with a wedding and that she has no regrets, saying, "I honestly would do it all over again:"

"There was no need to drag anything out, and then have a gut-wrenching experience standing in an aisle. A wedding ceremony is such a special, special moment. We need to make sure that if you get to that point, make sure that you are 100 percent confident. So while, yes, we didn't make it to the wedding, it was still a beautiful experience, and I honestly would do it all over again."

Laura and Jeramey

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Laura and Jeramey's relationship encountered a significant obstacle when Jeramey met up with Sarah Ann after their time in the pods, leading to Laura ultimately deciding to end things with him. 

The dynamic shifted as Jeramey and Sarah Ann began exploring a potential connection, leaving Laura feeling uncertain about her future. 

Their journey showcased the complexities of relationships formed in the Love Is Blind experiment, where unforeseen circumstances outside the pods can impact the budding romances. It doesn't seem like this couple will last.

Chelsea and Jimmy

Chelsea and Jimmy

Chelsea and Jimmy have faced their fair share of challenges as they navigate the transition from the pods to real-life interactions. 

Tensions grew when Chelsea confronted Jimmy about his lack of emotional acknowledgment and his apparent interest in another participant, Jessica. 

The confrontation between the couple spurred a conversation about their communication methods and relationship expectations. Despite several disagreements, they showcased a readiness to confront their issues and try to make it work moving forward.

Clay and AD

Clay and AD

Clay and AD's relationship faced a hurdle when Clay revealed his fears of infidelity, influenced by his own father's behavior. This moment sparked a series of conversations about trust, individual growth, and the impact of past experiences on their present relationship. 

AD supported Clay in confronting his insecurities and encouraged him to seek therapy to address underlying issues. This couple seems primed for success heading into the final stretch of Season 6.

Johnny and Amy

Johnny and Amy

This is the only couple that seems to be still in the honeymoon phase. Johnny and Amy's relationship has continued on a relatively smooth path, highlighted by several moments of genuine connection and shared goals for the future. 

Despite lingering uncertainties about starting a family and financial stability, they remained committed to exploring their relationship and moving forward together. Johnny and Amy may end their journey on Love is Blind with marriage.

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Love is Blind Episodes 10-11 begin streaming on Netflix on Wednesday, February 28.

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