Who Is Catja from Love Is Blind: Sweden? 5 Things to Know About the Participant

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Catja from Love Is Blind: Sweden

Catja Lövstrand appears as a contestant on Netflix’s latest dating reality series, Love Is Blind: Sweden, so here are some interesting things to know about her.

Love Is Blind: Sweden, much like its U.S.-based parent show, offers a unique spin on the typical romance-driven reality show. The participants have marriage proposed to them before the couples meet face-to-face.

5 Facts About Love Is Blind's Catja Lövstrand

Catja Lövstrand in Love Is Blind: Sweden

Here are five facts about Catja Lövstrand that Love Is Blind: Sweden fans may be interested in discovering.

Catja Studied at Uppsala University

The Stockholm, Sweden native pursued higher education at Uppsala University, a public college in Uppsala, Sweden. According to her LinkedIn page, her studies lasted from 2016 to 2019. 

Uppsala University is one of the most prestigious learning institutions in the world, and eight of its scientists have earned Nobel Prizes.

Catja Thinks She Gave Christofer a Fair Chance

32-year-old Catja Lövstrand was engaged to fellow Love Is Blind participant Cristofer Pocock, but things between the two ultimately fizzled. 

The culminating moment in their romance took the form of an argument by a pier which resulted in Lövstrand chucking her engagement ring into the water.

Lövstrand responded to a fan question on Instagram that asked if she thought she gave Pocock a fair shot. She replied by saying that she indeed thought she was even-keeled concerning their romantic prospects:

“We were always honest with each other and we always talked about our feelings and, with that said, you only see a small, small fraction of all the good conversations that we had outside the pods. So, with that said, yes, I do think that I gave him an honest chance.”

All of Catja’s Love Is Blind Outfits Were Put Together by Her Friend

All the ensembles worn by Lövstrand while in the pods on Love Is Blind: Sweden were styled by her friend, Evelina Söderberg, which she had mentioned in an Instagram post:

“In 2023 I helped my incredible friend @clovstrand with styling for Love is blind”

The first outfit that Lövstrand wore on the series was, as stated by Söderberg, from the clothing chain Zara:

“The first outfit that Catja wears is from Zara. So nice with a double buttoned jacket and wide pants that were spiced up with a chunky necklace“

Catja Thinks Love Is Blind’s Editing Did Her Wrong

According to the Love Is Blind star in an Instagram Story, the show’s editing portrayed her in what she saw as an unfavorable light. As Lövstrand noted, audiences only saw “a small, small part of the whole experience:” 

“I got some similar questions that is, if the cutting reflects me fair. And the cutting reflects me very shallow, and it seems like I am mean, and that you only got to see negative sides. But, as you know, you only see a small, small part of the whole experience.”

Lövstrand would like viewers to know that she doesn’t believe she’s “shallow” but that she’s “a happy girl:”

“And also with that, you only see a small, small part of the couples, and also, a small, small part of each one of the participants. So, with that said, I know that I am so much more than the bad comments that I got, it’s only been a few of them, but I know that I’m not shallow. I’m a deep girl, and I’m a happy girl, and I’m fun, and stuff like that.”

Catja Wants To Stop Talking About Love Is Blind

Recently, Catja Lövstrand stated that she will no longer discuss or mention her involvement in Love Is Blind: Sweden on social media. Her full message can be read below:

“I think I’ve made up my mind when I say that this is probably the first and last time I’ll write about my participation in Love is blind here on my Instagram.

I know I gave the experiment an honest chance and the purpose of why I searched for what to find a duality and love. Being on TV or becoming “famous” was never important to me, but I would be wrong not to say that it was exciting and interesting to see a production.

You can only see certain sides in the capsules of a person and on the outside you have the opportunity to see more. For me, it was about pages that I was not prepared to enter into a marriage, as marriage for me is one of the most important decisions you make in life.

I will never regret my participation, I will never regret anything I have said or done because I know I was honest and I know I gave the experiment and everyone involved an honest chance.

THANK YOU is not a word enough to answer all the nice messages I have received in the last few days. It means a lot that you take the time and write to me and I appreciate every word, mindset and thought that comes to me. THANKS because through the experiment I have made friends for life”

How To Follow Catja Lövstrand Online

Catja Lövstrand can be found on Instagram (@clovstrand) and Threads (@clovstrand).

Love Is Blind: Sweden is streaming now on Netflix.

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