Ghosts: Why Flower Left the CBS Show, Revealed by Producers

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Flower in Ghosts

Ghosts' showrunners unpacked the reason behind Flower's departure in Season 3. 

Flower, played by Sheila Carrasco in the CBS show, is one of the ghosts interacting with Samantha and Jay. 

When she was alive, Flower was a carefree hippie from the 1960s. Flower died after she mistook an angry bear for giving her a bear hug. 

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What Happened to Flower on Ghosts?

Flower in ghosts cbs

At the end of Ghosts Season 2, one of the ghosts was mysteriously sucked off into the afterlife, leaving Sam, Jay, and the rest of the other characters behind. 

Ghosts Season 3 premiere unveiled that Flower was the one who moved on to the afterlife after Sam and Jay realized that she was missing from the headcount. 

Speaking with Deadline, Ghosts executive producers and showrunners Joe Port and Joe Wiseman explained the decision to choose Flower as the ghost who moved on. 

Wiseman said that they chose Flower since they wanted "someone who was consequential, someone who was impactful," noting that her disappearance would "create a lot of storylines:"

"I mean, we had a lot of talks after we got picked up. Before the room started, we didn’t know exactly who it was gonna be, but we definitely had candidates in mind. And then just through talking it out, we wanted to be someone who was consequential, someone who was impactful. We landed on Flower, [who we thought] would be an interesting ghost to disappear because it would create a lot of storylines."

The showrunner teased the ramifications of Flower's departure to the rest of the characters, specifically noting the effects on Thor and the rest of the ghosts:

"A lot of people would have different reactions. Thor, obviously, is in love with Flower and would be super devastated. Other ghosts would be jealous of her because hasn’t been there as long. So it just seemed like we’d create a lot of stories."

The rest of Season 3 could revolve around Thor's attempts to move on from Flower, either showing how difficult it is for him to do so or finding a new ghostly love interest. 

Wiseman's statement about the other ghosts contemplating moving on to the afterlife is an interesting story to explore since it could exhibit themes of accepting the true nature of death and coming to terms with it peacefully. 

When asked when the idea came about for one of the ghosts to depart, Port confirmed that they thought about it "toward the end" of Season 2: 

"Toward the end of the season last year, we just came up with that idea and thought it would be a really cool, fun way to end the season, as a throw forward to next year."

Is Flower Coming Back to Ghosts?

It remains to be seen if Sheila Carrasco's Flower will return in Ghosts Season 3, but a potential comeback would negate the impact of her departure on the rest of the characters. 

Still, Ghosts showrunner Joe Port played coy about the character's return, telling Variety that it will take "some interesting turns:"

“I think it takes some interesting turns. In terms of seeing ghosts going forward or not, this is the kind of show where you could see a ghost anywhere. We’ve hinted that ghosts are in heaven. They’re in hell, they’re on Earth, so I think there’s different ways to see people too.”

In the same interview with Deadline, Ghosts executive producer Joe Wiseman pointed out that previous episodes managed to bring back ghosts who have moved on to the afterlife for more stories, and there is always the possibility of flashbacks down the line: 

"Sure. It’s interesting. When a ghost gets sucked off on the show, they’re not dead. They’re all already dead. So we’ve had ways in previous episodes to bring in ghosts who have been sucked off [come] back for stories and whatnot. And we tell stories with flashbacks, etc. So, yeah, in theory, there would be ways of still seeing a ghost who has moved on."

As for what's next for the rest of Season 3, Port said that Flower's disappearance "has a lot of ramifications" as well as exploring some new ghosts' powers:

"I think Flower’s disappearance is going to be an ongoing story that unfolds and has a lot of ramifications throughout the house. We’re going to learn a couple of our ghosts’ powers that we haven’t learned yet, and we’re going to learn how a ghost died in what’s going to be a very moving episode, I think."

One way for Flower to come back (based on Wiseman's statement) is through flashbacks, showing a glimpse of unseen moments of her with the characters where she could be talking about the topic of moving on. 

Doing this would give viewers a chance to understand Flower's decision while also showing which of the other ghosts want to move on to the afterlife. 

New episodes of Ghosts Season 3 premiere every Thursday on CBS at 8:30 p.m. ET. 

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