Ghosts: Is Rose McIver's Sam Pregnant In the Show's Season 3?

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Rose McIver as Sam on Ghosts

One of Ghosts' showrunners addressed the possibility of seeing Sam's pregnancy brought to life in the series. 

Rose McIver returns as Samantha Arondekar in Season 3. Sam is one of the show's main protagonists who can interact with ghosts after suffering a near-death experience in Season 1. 

While the identity of the ghost who moved on to the afterlife was resolved (spoiler: it's Flower), another lingering question on fans' minds is whether a pregnancy is in the cards for one of its protagonists. 

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Will Ghosts Season 3 Explore Rose McIver's Real-Life Pregnancy?

Rose McIver as Ghosts Season 3

In January, Ghosts actress Rose McIver presented the award for Best Screenplay in a Motion Picture at the Golden Globes, and it was confirmed that she is pregnant with her husband, George Bryne.

Fans noticed that McIver's real-life pregnancy has not been hidden too much in Ghosts Season 3, with some offering high praise on how the show handles the situation. 

This begs the question: Will Ghosts integrate Mciver's pregnancy into Sam's arc in Season 3?

Speaking with TV Insider in February 2024, Ghosts co-showrunner and producer Joe Wiseman confirmed that Sam is not pregnant in the series. and they are "not writing it in:"

 “We’re not writing it in. Currently, Jay and Sam aren’t going to have kids.”

When asked about exploring potential future children for Jay and Sam, Wiseman said that he's open to the idea:

"That is something that could happen down the line.” 

Wiseman also addressed concerns about McIver's availability throughout Season  3, saying they "don’t anticipate having any sort of issues” with the current situation. 

Ghosts co-showrunner and producer Joe Port, in the same interview with TV Insider, didn't dismiss the idea of Sam and Jay having kids: 

“That doesn’t mean they can’t have [a baby] in future seasons. Introducing a little baby for everyone to get involved with isn’t something we wouldn’t do.”

Wiseman also echoed Port's statement, but they felt that it was "a little early" to introduce a baby in the series: 

“Yeah, we’re definitely open to it. It just felt a little early in the series to make such a big change.”

Port said, “It would be fun to see all the ghosts’ perspectives on parenting.”

Will Sam Ever Get Pregnant in Ghosts?

Rose McIver Ghosts

Sam's journey in the world of the U.S. version of Ghosts mainly revolves around her business since she and her husband, Jay, are focused on turning their barn into a restaurant in Season 3. 

While parenting could be in the back of Sam and Jay's minds, it's possible that hints about a child could be sprinkled throughout Season 3, indicating that it's a possible storyline to explore. 

Interestingly, the U.K. version of Ghosts already revealed that its lead character, Alison, is pregnant in Season 5. 

It remains to be seen if Ghosts on CBS will follow a similar narrative trajectory, but the fact that Sam and Jay are married means that it is inevitable that they will have kids at some point if the show lasts beyond Season 3. 

A storyline centered around pregnancy would be interesting to explore in the married couple's life to see the baby's reaction and how Sam inevitably would explain that she can talk to ghosts.

New episodes of Ghosts Season 3 premiere every Thursday on CBS at 8:30 p.m. ET. 

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