Full Cast of Ghosts US CBS Show 2024: Every Main Character & Actor (Photos)

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Ghosts Season 3 returns on CBS in 2024 to resolve a massive cliffhanger unpacking which among the dead moved on to the next life. 

The hilarious sitcom based on the 2019 British TV series of the same name revolves around the story of married New Yorkers Samanatha and Jay Arondekar as they grapple with the fact that ghosts are living with them inside a beautiful country house. 

Ghosts Season 3 premiered on CBS on February 15. 

Every Main Cast Member of Ghosts Season 3 

Rose McIver - Samantha

Rose McIver as Samantha
Rose McIver

Rose McIver reprises her role as Samantha Arondekar in Ghosts Season 3. 

After suffering a near-death experience in Season 1, Sam could talk and see ghosts, resulting in an unusual bond between the living and the dead. 

Aside from finding out which of the ghosts went to the afterlife, Season 3’s official synopsis teased that Sam and Jay have an unusual challenge for the new season: relocating an owl to transform their barn into a local restaurant. 

McIver is known for her roles in The Lovely Bones, A Christmas Prince, and To The Death. The actress’ most famous role is playing Olivia Moore in iZombie

Utkarsh Ambudkar - Jay

Utkarsh Ambudkar as Jay
Utkarsh Ambudkar

Utkarsh Ambudkar returns as Jay in 2024's Ghosts Season 3.

Jay is Sam’s husband who didn’t believe his wife could talk to ghosts. Eventually, he came to terms with the situation. 

Jay is poised to help his wife unravel more secrets about the ghosts in the new season while establishing his own restaurant.

Ambudkar has credits in Brittany Runs a Marathon, Blindspotting, and Free Guy

Brandon Scott Jones - Isaac

Brandon Scott Jones as Isaac
Brandon Scott Jones

One of the ghosts Sam and Jay encounter is Brandon Scott Jones’ Isaac.

Isaac is a former Revolutionary War veteran who died of dysentery. Sam helps him revisit his life by writing a book about him. 

Jones previously appeared in Renfield, Isn‘t It Romantic, and Senior Year.

Richie Moriarty - Pete

Richie Moriarty as Pete
Richie Moriarty

Pete (played by Richie Moriarty) is a former scoutmaster who died after accidentally being shot in the neck by an arrow. 

He is a selfless ghost who always thinks about his peers. At one point in Season 2, Pete was almost dragged into Hell by Elias Woodstone, but he eventually escaped. 

Moriarty's notable credits include Orange is the New Black, The Tick, and What We Do in the Shadows

Danielle Pinnock - Alberta

Danielle Pinnock as Alberta
Danielle Pinnock

Danielle Pinnock plays Alberta, the ghost of a lounge singer who died due to cardiac arrest during the Prohibition Era. 

Alberta then convinced Sam to help her find out the cause of her death, leading to the revelation that she was poisoned.  

Young Sheldon fans may recognize Pinnock for her role as Ms. Ingram in the series. The actress also appeared in This Is Us, Tell It Like a Woman, and Candy Cane Lane.

Asher Grodman - Trevor

Asher Grodman as Trevor
Asher Grodman

Asher Grodman brings a ghost named Trevor to life in Ghosts Season 3.

Trevor is a stockbroker from the 1990s who died from a heart attack. He had a tragic death after his friends decided to throw away his corpse in a lake. 

Grodman is known for his roles in Succession, Chicago Med, and The Train.

Román Zaragoza - Sasappis

Román Zaragoza as Sasappis
Román Zaragoza

Román Zaragoza is part of the Ghosts 2024 cast as Sasappis. 

Sassapis is the ghost of a Native American who is a member of the Lenape tribe. The circumstances surrounding his death are still unknown. 

In Season 1, Sasappis told Sam that his biggest dream was to become a writer, but his father wanted him to be a hunter or warrior instead. 

Zaragoza has credits in Stumptown and Austin & Ally

Sheila Carrasco - Flower

Sheila Carrasco as Flower
Sheila Carrasco

Sheila Carrasco stars as Susan "Flower" Montero, the ghost of a carefree hippie from the 1960s. 

Flower was killed by a bear after initially believing that the animal wanted a "bear hug." Flower also can give people she passes through an acid trip, though it only lasts an hour. 

Carrasco previously appeared in #VanLife, Leo, and The Donor Party

Rebecca Wisocky - Hetty

Rebecca Wisocky as Hetty
Rebecca Wisocky

Hetty is the ghost of a high-status baroness and Sam's ancestor. The character is played by Rebecca Wisocky. 

Similar to Sassapis, the reason behind Hetty's death is unknown. Hetty was also banished to the woods for one year after failing to tell Alberta that her son Thomas killed her.

Wisocky has credits in Devious Maids, The Mentalist, and American Horror Story.

Devan Chandler Long - Thorfinn

Devan Chandler Long as Thorfinn
Devan Chandler Long

Devan Chandler Long reprises his role as Thorfinn in Ghosts Season 3. 

Thorfinn is the ghost of a Viking named Thor who died sometime after the Battle of Svolder. 

Long is best known for his role as Flex Mentallo in Doom Patrol. The actor also appeared in Bosch, Ambulance, and The Rookie.

Tristan D. Lalla - Mark

Tristan D. Lalla as Mark
Tristan D. Lalla

Tristan D. Lalla returns in Season 3 as Mark. 

Mark serves as the contractor of the Woodstone Mansion who later becomes business partners with Jay after the latter decided to open a restaurant at the end of Season 2. 

Lalla previously appeared in Long Shot, Nurses, and Animal Control.

Puna Patel - Bela

Puna Patel
Puna Patel

Bela (played by Puna Patel) is Jay's sister who occasionally visits them in the Woodstone Mansion. 

Bela initially had a romantic connection with Trevor, but their bond was cut short after Sam and the rest of the ghosts decided to convince her that they were real. 

Patel's notable credits include Special, Rim of the World, and Good Girls Marry Doctors.

Andrew Leeds - Eric

Andrew Leeds
Andrew Leeds

Andrew Leeds stars as Eric, Bela's friend who secretly has a crush on her.

Eric is also one of the few humans who is aware of Sam's ability to talk to the ghosts. 

Leeds is known for his roles in The Patient, Barry, and The Dropout.

New episodes of Ghosts Season 3 premiere every Thursday on CBS at 8:30 p.m. ET. 

Check out the release schedule of the first three episodes of Ghosts Season 3 here

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