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Not Dead Yet is back with more ghostly shenanigans led by a star-studded cast of actors starring Gina Rodriguez and Hannah Simone. 

Season 2 of ABC's comedy series will continue the story of a journalist named Nell Serrano (Gina Rodriguez) as she navigates the ups and downs of life with help from unexpected ghosts whom only she can see and hear. 

Not Dead Yet Season 2 premiered on ABC on February 7.

Every Main Cast Member of Not Dead Yet Season 2 

Gina Rodriguez - Nell Serrano

Gina Rodriguez as Nell Serrano
Gina Rodriguez

Gina Rodriguez leads the cast of Not Dead Yet Season 2 as tenacious journalist Nell Serrano. 

After trying to revive her journalism career when she moved back to the United States from Europe, Serrano was relegated as an obituary writer instead of her usual day job. 

This development turned out to be a blessing in disguise since she started to see and hear different ghosts who gave her advice to turn her life around.

At the end of Season 1, Serrano decided to break things off with her ex-fiancé, Phillip, choosing herself for the first time in a while. 

As the character enters a new beginning in Season 2, Rodriguez reflected on the character's journey in a recent interview with NBC News

“The shedding of things that don’t serve you anymore has been a wonderful thing to learn on this show because it’s very much a part of Nell’s journey and all of our journeys."

Rodriguez is known for her roles as Jane Villanueva in Jane the Virgin and Andrea Fleytas in Deepwater Horizon

Hannah Simone - Sam

Hannah Simone as Sam
Hannah Simone

Sam (played by Hannah Simone) is Nell's best friend and SoCal Independent's style editor. 

The Not Dead Yet Season 1 finale highlighted how Sam finally stood up for herself after failing to properly address workplace problems with her boss, Lexi. 

New Girl fans may recognize Simone for her iconic portrayal of Cece Parekh in the series. The actress also appeared in Oldboy, Loafy, and Why We're Killing Gunther.

Lauren Ash - Lexi

Lauren Ash as Lexi
Lauren Ash 

Lexi is SoCal Independent's editor-in-chief and Nell and Sam's boss. The character is played on-screen by Lauren Ash. 

Throughout the first season, Lexi often underestimates Nell and is seen by many as a self-entitled leader. 

In the finale, Lexi realizes what's wrong with her attitude and ultimately becomes excited about the different milestones of her friends. 

Ash is best known for her role as Dina in Superstore. The actress also has credits in Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2, The Disaster Artist, and Family Switch

Rick Glassman - Edward

Rick Glassman as Edward
Rick Glassman

Rick Glassman plays Edward, Nell's roommate who is on the autism spectrum. 

Edward is described as brutally honest yet always says the right words to his confused roommate. 

Glassman's notable credits include Undateable, The Comedians, The Sixth Lead, and As We See It.

Joshua Banday - Dennis

Joshua Banday as Dennis
Joshua Banday

Joshua Banday is part of Not Dead Yet's cast as Dennis. 

Dennis is SoCal Independent's associate editor who assigns obituaries for Nell to write. He is also part of Nell's inner circle of friends. 

Season 1 reveals Dennis' journey in trying to adopt two children from an adoption agency. 

Banday is known for his roles in The Big Bang Theory, Upload, and Pam & Tommy.

Angela Gibbs - Cricket

Angela Gibbs as Cricket
Angela Gibbs

Cricket (played by Angela Gibbs) is a free-spirited bar owner who lost her husband recently and one of Nell's new friends when she moved back to Los Angeles. 

Gibbs has over 80 credits to her name, with roles in Hacks, This Is Us, and Black Jesus

Wendie Malick - Mary Sue Manners

Wendie Malick as Mary Sue Manners
Wendie Malick

Wendie Malick is one of the newcomers to Not Dead Yet Season 2. 

Malick plays Mary Sue Manners, the host of Manners Matter with Mary Sue Manners. As per Variety, Manners is one of Nell's obituary subjects in the new season whom she teaches to let go. 

Malick previously appeared in The American President, The Emperor's New Groove, and Night Court

Nico Santos - Teddy

Nico Santos as Teddy
Nico Santos

Nico Santos joins Season 2's cast as Teddy. 

Teddy is one of the new ghosts who helps Nell in Season 2. The character is formerly Pasadena's number-one realtor. 

Santos is a Filipino-American actor known for his roles in Superstore, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, and Crazy Rich Asians

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Rob Corddry - Andrew

Rob Corddry as Andrew
Rob Corddry

Another newcomer to Not Dead Yet is Rob Corddry as Andrew. 

Andrew is described as a nerdy accountant who tries to persuade Nell and Lexi that an unknown assailant brutally murdered him. 

Croddry has credits in Warm Bodies, Hot Tub Time Machine, and Children's Hospital

Tommy Martinez - Andres

Tommy Martinez as Andres
Tommy Martinez

Tommy Martinez brings Andres to life in Not Dead Yet Season 2. 

Andres is Nell's new potential romantic interest, but she has to hold back since she finds out he is the son of one of her obituary subjects. 

Martinez's notable credits include Riverdale, Good Trouble, and Hunters.

Lidia Porto - Senator Diana Fernandez

Lidia Porto as Diana Fernandez
Lidia Porto

Joining the cast of Season 2 is Lidia Portro as Senator Diana Fernandez. 

Fernandez was a former tenacious senator advocating for women's healthcare. As a subject of Nell's obituaries, she asks her for help in helping her son to live his life after her death. 

Porto is known for her roles in Get Shorty, American Housewife, and Horrible Bosses 2

Annie O’Donnell - Estelle

Annie O’Donnell  asEstelle
Annie O’Donnell 

Annie O’Donnell plays a caring mother named Estelle in Season 2. 

Estelle has 16 children and 49 grandchildren. She tells Nell to enjoy her freedom and be the fun aunt to the kids in the future. 

O'Donnell previously appeared in Black Sheep, Transformers: Dark of the Moon, and Blast from the Past

Jesse Garcia - TJ

Jesse Garcia
Jesse Garcia

Jesse Garcia is part of Not Dead Yet's cast as TJ. 

TJ is a new sportswriter at SoCal Independent who is a longtime fan of the Chicago Cubs and Nell's work bully and potential romantic interest. 

Garcia is known for his roles in Flamin' Hot, Murder City, and The Mother

Cedric Yarbrough - Paul

Cedric Yarbrough
Cedric Yarbrough

Paul is the outspoken neighbor of a deceased IRS agent who is one of Nell's obituary subjects. The character is played on-screen by Cedric Yarbrough. 

Yarbrough has credits in The 40-Year-Old Virgin, Black Dynamite, and The Boss.

Brad Garrett - Duncan

Brad Garrett as Duncan
Brad Garrett

Rounding out the newcomers of Not Dead Yet Season 2 is Brad Garrett as Duncan. 

Duncan is Lexi's dad and the owner of SoCal Independent who arrives to butt heads and eventually bond with Nell. 

Garret earned three nominations for his role as Robert Barone on Everybody Loves Raymond. The actor's past credits include Single Parents, High Desert, and Cha Cha Real Smooth

New episodes of Not Dead Yet Season 2 air on ABC every Wednesday at 8:30 p.m. ET. 

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