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Hjgh School Musical the series season 4

High School Musical: The Musical: The Series Season 4 featured an incredible ensemble packed with franchise mainstays and surprise guest stars.

The hit Disney+ series is in its final season, and it revolves around a dual showcase of a High School Musical reunion movie featuring returning stars and a staging of High School Musical 3 highlighted by the current (and beloved) Wildcats of East High.

Every Actor & Character in High School Musical Season 4

1.) Joshua Bassett - Ricky Bowen

Joshua Bassett, Ricky Bowen
Joshua Bassett

Joshua Bassett reprises his role as Ricky Bowen in High School Musical: The Musical: The Series Season 4, serving as the main male protagonist of the series. 

After Ricky and Gina ended up as a couple in the Season 3 finale, the final season explores the pair's relationship as they try to balance their responsibilities as seniors at East High, the new musical production, and the surprise filming of High School Musical 4 in their school. 

Bassett is a rising superstar in the music scene while also having past acting credits in Better Nate Than Never, Grey's Anatomy, and Stuck in the Middle.

2.) Sofia Wylie - Gina Porter

Sofia Wylie, Gina Porter
Sofia Wylie 

Sofia Wylie is Gina Porter in the High School Musical: The Musical: The Series Season 4, serving as the show's female lead after Olivia Rodrigo departed the series in Season 3. 

Gina's journey in Season 4 revolves around her new relationship with Ricky, the arrival of her childhood crush, and her surprise inclusion as the lead actress in High School Musical 4

Wylie is known for her roles in The School for Good and Evil, Back of the Net, and Andi Mack

3.) Matt Cornett - E. J. Caswell

Matt Cornett, E. J. Caswell
Matt Cornett

Matt Cornett returns as E.J. Caswell in Season 4 in a limited capacity. 

After the events of Season 3, the character graduated from East High, but he eventually reunites with the Wildcats to support them in their upcoming musical production of High School Musical 3.

Cornett is known for his roles in Zombies 3, Bella and the Bulldogs, and Game Shakers.

4.) Larry Saperstein - Big Red

Larry Saperstein
Larry Saperstein

Larry Saperstein makes a comeback as Big Red, Ricky's best friend and Ashlyn's boyfriend in the series. 

In Season 3, Big Red confirmed that he is bisexual, and the final season is poised to explore his sexuality and push it into the forefront.

Saperstein's other acting credits include Porno and Fan Girl

5.) Julia Lester - Ashlyn Caswell

Julia Lester, Ashlyn Caswell
Julia Lester

Julia Lester portrays Ashlyn Caswell, Gina's best friend, Big Red's girlfriend, and E.J.'s cousin. 

Similar to her boyfriend, Ashlyn is also set to explore her sexuality as she appears to have feelings for Saylor Bell Curda's Maddox. 

Lester's previous acting credits include Bella and the Bulldogs and Mom.

6.) Dara Reneé - Kourtney Greene

Dara Reneé
Dara Reneé

Dara Reneé plays Kourtney Greene, Nini's best friend and one of the original cast members returning in Season 4. 

In the final season, Kourtney tries to navigate her journey of becoming a college student while maintaining friendships with her peers at East High. 

Reneé is known for her roles in Freaky Friday, and My Stepfather's Secret and has been cast in the upcoming Descendants: The Rise of Red.

7.) Frankie Rodriguez - Carlos Rodriguez

Frankie Rodriguez, Carlos Rodriguez
Frankie Rodriguez

Frankie Rodriguez portrays Carlos, Miss Jenn's former assistant and Seb's boyfriend. 

After the Season 3 finale unveiled an altered documentary showing a fake side plot of Carlos having feelings for another guy at Camp Shallow Lake, his relationship with Seb is in shambles in Season 4.

Rodriguez's past credits include Modern Family and Call Me Daddy.

8.) Mark St. Cyr - Benjamin Mazzara

Mark St. Cyr
Mark St. Cyr

Mark St. Cyr returns in Season 4 as Benjamin Mazzara, a professor at East High. While he was initially the rival of Miss Jenn, the character ultimately became the Wildcats aka the theater kids' supporter. 

The actor is known for his roles in The Menu and Doomsday.

9.) Kate Reinders - Miss Jenn

Kate Reinders, Miss Jenn
Kate Reinders

Kate Reinders reprises her role as Miss Jenn in Season 4, East High's drama teacher and the Wildcats' beloved mentor. 

In Season 4, Reinders' Miss Jenn has a tall task ahead as she tries to help her theater kids succeed during their final year at East High. 

Reinders' past acting credits include Russell Madness, Work It, and Such Good People.

10.) Joe Serafini - Seb Matthew-Smith

Joe Serafini, Seb Matthew-Smith
Joe Serafini

Joe Serafini plays Seb Matthew-Smith in High School Musical: The Musical: The Series, Carlos' boyfriend who is in doubt about the current status of his relationship after the Season 3 documentary debacle. 

Serafini's other credits include POVz and Scientastic

11.) Saylor Bell Curda - Maddox

Saylor Bell Curda, Maddox
Saylor Bell Curda

Saylor Bell Curda portrays Maddox, Jet's older sister and Ashlyn's new love interest in Season 4. 

After a stellar debut as one of the main characters in Season 3, Maddox made a surprise return to help the gang and sort out her feelings for Ashlyn. 

Curda is known for her past roles in New Girl, Criminal Minds, and I Didn't Do It

12.) Adrian Lyles - Jet

Adrian Lyles, Jet
Adrian Lyles

Adrian Lyles reprises his role as Jet, Maddox's brother and one of Ricky's closest friends in the series. 

In Season 4, Jet made his return after Ricky contacted them to fill out the cast of the drama class' production of High School Musical 3 as Chad.

13.) Liamani Segura - Emmy

Liamani Segura
Liamani Segura

Liamani Segura reprises her Season 3 role as Emmy in the final season. 

After getting acquainted with the Wildcats in Camp Shallow Lake, Emmy returns as a freshman at East High and instantly becomes Miss Jenn's assistant. 

14.) Alexis Nelis - Natalie Bagley

Alexis Nelis, Natalie Bagley
Alexis Nelis

Alexis Nelis returns as a guest star in Season 4, reprising her role as Natalie Bagley. In the series, Natalie serves as the production's stage manager. 

15.) Alex Quijano - Mike Bowen

Alex Quijano
Alex Quijano

Alex Quijano plays Mike Bowen, Ricky's father who helps him go through his final year at East High. 

Quijano is known for his roles in One Day at a Time, 13 Reasons Why, and Fresh Off The Boat

16.) Beth Lacke - Lynne Bowen

Beth Lacke, Lynne Bowen
Beth Lacke

Beth Lacke returns as Lynne Bowen, Ricky's mother who is divorced from Mike. In the final season, the character returns to surprise Ricky during the drama class' High School Musical 3 stage production. 

Lacke's past credits include Mr. 3000, Frequence, and Mike and Molly

17.) Valente Rodriguez - Principal Gutierrez

Valente Rodriguez, Principal Gutierrez
Valente Rodriguez

Valente Rodriguez plays Principal Gutierrez of East High. In Season 4, the character was the one who announced that the school will be used as High School Musical 4's filming location. 

Rodriguez is known for his roles in George Lopez, Happily Divorced, and Gone Hollywood

18.) Napiera Groves Boykin - Terri Porter

Napiera Groves Boykin plays Terri Porter in Season 4, Gina's mother who constantly reminds her to not have a boyfriend during her senior year. 

Boykin is known for her roles in Us and Auto

19.) Andrew Barth Feldman - Antoine

Andrew Barth Feldman, Antoine
Andrew Barth Feldman

Andrew Barth Feldman reprises his Season 2 role as Antoine, a method actor who poses as a French foreign exchange student at North High. 

Feldman recently appeared alongside Jennifer Lawrence in this year's No Hard Feelings

20.) Kimberly Brooks - Michelle Greene

Kimberly Brooks, Michelle Greene
Kimberly Brooks

Kimberly Brooks returns as Michelle Greene, Kourtney's mother in the series. 

Brooks is a well-known voice actress whose credits include Wonder Woman Bloodline, Mucha Lucha, and Oddballs

21.) Jason Earles - Dewey Wood

Jason Earles, Dewey Wood
Jason Earles

Jason Earles reprises his Season 3 role as Dewey Wood. In the third season, Earles served as Camp Shallow Lake's camp director. 

Earles is best known for his role as Jackson Stewart in Miley Cyrus' Hannah Montana

22.) Kylie Cantrall - Dani

Kylie Cantrall, Dani
Kylie Cantrall

Kylie Cantrall plays Dani in Season 4, a popular social media star who makes her acting debut in High School Musical 4. However, after having no chemistry with her co-star, Dani is ultimately replaced by Gina. 

Cantrall's past credits include Ron's Gone Wrong and Raven's Home; she's also been cast in Descendants: Rise of the Red.

23.) Matthew Sato - Mack Alana

Matthew Sato, Mack Alana
Matthew Sato

Matthew Sato plays Mack Alana, a former sitcom actor who now serves as the lead character in High School Musical 4 and Gina's childhood crush and new love interest. 

Sato's other acting credit is from Doogie Kamealoha, M.D.

24.) Caitlin Reilly - Quinn Robbins

Caitlin Reilly
Caitlin Reilly

Caitlin Reilly plays Quinn Robbins, High School Musical 4's director who constantly clashes with Miss Jenn.

Reilly is known for her roles in Loot, Dead Boy Detectives, and Cora Bora.

25.) Vasthy Mompoint - Krystal

Vasthy Mompoint
Vasthy Mompoint

Vasthy Mompoint plays Krystal, High School Musical 4's choreographer who is impressed by the current Wildcats' ability to learn new dance steps easily. 

26.) Corbin Bleu - Himself

Corbin Bleu
Corbin Bleu

Corbin Bleu returns as himself in Season 4 after a stellar involvement in the third season of High School Musical: The Musical: The Series.

In the original High School Musical trilogy, Bleu portrayed Chad, Troy's best friend and Taylor's boyfriend. 

Aside from the musical-filled Disney movies, Bleu is known for Jump In and A Christmas Dance Reunion.

27.) Monique Coleman - Herself

Monique Coleman
Monique Coleman

Monique Coleman plays herself in Season 4, returning as one of the original cast members of the hit High School Musical trilogy. 

In the original movies, Coleman played Taylor, Gabriella's best friend and Chad's girlfriend.

Coleman is known for her roles in A Christmas Dance Reunion and Love, Marry, Kill

28.) Kaycee Stroh - Herself

Kaycee Stroh
Kaycee Stroh

Kaycee Stroh returns as herself in Season 4 after a brief (yet memorable) appearance in Season 1. 

In the original trilogy, Stroh played Martha, the Wildcats' enthusiastic dancer and one of Gabriella and Taylor's friends.

29.) Lucas Grabeel - Himself

Lucas Grabeel
Lucas Grabeel

Lucas Grabeel returns as himself in Season 4 after a cameo in High School Musical: The Musical: The Series' debut season.

Grabeel played Ryan Evans in the original trilogy, Sharpay's brother and co-president of the drama club. 

30. ) Bart Johnson - Himself

Bart Johnson
Bart Johnson

Bart Johnson plays himself in Season 4, with the actor playing a major part in the official announcement of High School Musical 4 during East High's first day of the school year.

In the original movies, Johnson played Jack Bolton, Troy's father who is also the coach of the East High Wildcats. 

31.) Alyson Reed - Herself

Alyson Reed
Alyson Reed

Alyson Reed plays herself in Season 4. In the High School Musical trilogy, Reed portrayed Miss Darbus, East High's drama teacher.

All episodes of High School Musical: The Musical: The Series Season 4 are now streaming on Disney+.

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