Ghosts: How Exactly Did Hetty Die?

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Audiences remain in the dark about how Ghosts' Hetty died in the American sitcom. 

Headlined by comedian Rose McIver, Ghosts on CBS has provided fans with plenty of haunting fun since 2021. It is an American adaptation of the beloved BBC comedy of the same name. 

The show sees a New York couple thinking they have come into possession of their dream home in the country only to find it is occupied by ghosts, including former baroness Hetty (played by Rebecca Wisocky). 

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What Happened to Hetty in Ghosts?

Hetty Ghosts

While the CBS series Ghosts has shared the origins of several of the show's central spirits, how exactly Rebecca Wisocky's Hetty died remains a question. 

As of Season 3, the death of Ghosts' Hetty remains unknown. The only details audiences have on the Gilded Age ghost's final days are that she was wearing day clothes at the time of her demise and the set of heels she is constantly seen in. 

Despite never having been confirmed, some have speculated the CBS series has hinted at how the character died. 

When Rose Mciver's Sam fell down a set of stairs early in the show's premiere, Hetty was concerned. This could indicate that the character died in a similar fashion.

According to Ghosts showrunners Joe Port and Joe Wiseman, Season 3 will see audiences "learn how [another] ghost died," with Hetty potentially being the one to get her backstory fleshed out (via Deadline):

"I think Flower’s disappearance is going to be an ongoing story that unfolds and has a lot of ramifications throughout the house. We’re going to learn a couple of our ghosts’ powers that we haven’t learned yet, and we’re going to learn how a ghost died in what’s going to be a very moving episode, I think."

The Hetty Death Fan Theories

Since the TV show has yet to give the grizzly details of what happened to Hetty in her past life, fans have taken it upon themselves to figure it out. 

Several fan theories have become prevalent amongst the Ghosts audiences regarding Hetty's death. 

The more frequently mentioned idea is that perhaps the former baroness died because of an overdose.

The character frequently mentions cocaine in her on-screen appearances (usually saying the drug is good for one's health). So there is a possibility it was a particular affinity to the devil's dandruff that brought Hetty to her unfortunate end. 

In the English version of the series, the stand-in for Hetty (known as Fanny) was pushed out a window by her husband. Some have assumed the same fate befell Hetty in the CBS version of the show, with the two characters sharing several other similarities. 

Two other popular fan theories include Hetty being poisoned or choking on some gaudy food as a former member of British high society. 

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