Ghosts Season 3 Gets Disappointing Streaming Update

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Ghosts Season 3

Ghosts Season 3 is going to get a little harder to stream in the US, thanks to a new streaming update from Max.

The hit BBC comedy rounded out its fourth season last year, with an American version of the series on CBS having been renewed for an upcoming third season. 

The British sitcom follows a group of ghosts from across different periods of time all haunting a house and its new living occupants. 

Until now, the series has been available to stream stateside on Warner Bros.'s Max platform thanks to an agreement with the BBC.

Ghosts Headed for the Grave on Max

The cast of BBC's Ghosts

According to Max's September content update, the service is removing Ghosts Season 3 by the end of the month.

All three seasons of the hit BBC comedy will end their streaming run on the service on Wednesday, September 13.

After the show leaves Max, fans will still be able to stream the first two seasons of the sitcom as a part of their DirecTV subscription in the US.

Seasons 1-3 are also available for purchase on various digital storefronts (i.e. Apple, Amazon, Google).

As for the series' fourth season (which aired on BBC One in 2022), there is currently no way for American audiences to stream or purchase Ghosts' latest batch of episodes.

The series can be viewed, however, via a VPN to the UK on the BBC iPlayer.

Why Is Ghosts Leaving Max?

The exact details of why Ghosts is leaving Max remains unclear. The show has gotten rave reviews in its four seasons on BBC, so one would think Warner Bros. would think of the show as an asset for the service. 

However, these content libraries are constantly changing. Sometimes no matter how badly a studio wants to keep a title, if it is not their own IP then there is nothing they can do. 

Given Ghosts' notoriety, it would not be all that surprising if it was leaving Max just to rise from the grave on another streamer somewhere else. 

Hit BBC series like Peaky Blinders and Sherlock have found great success streaming on Netflix, so perhaps the show will end up there (maybe even with its fourth season in tow).

Or could the recent acquisition of Doctor Who's US streaming rights by Disney, be the first indication of a partnership between the British TV giant and Disney+, potentially opening the door for shows like Ghosts to appear on the service?

As it stands though, Ghosts Season 3 will be nowhere in the US starting on September 13, with Season 1 and 2 only available on DirecTV.

This news will likely come as a bummer to those itching to have it readily streaming stateside. 

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