Quicksilver Star Evan Peters May Reprise His WandaVision Role In This Marvel Show

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Quicksilver Evan Peters

Evan Peters, known for his role as Quicksilver in the former Fox X-Men films, could be posed to return in his controversial WandaVision role.

Back when Peters joined WandaVision, fans were ecstatic to learn of his involvement. It seemed clear that he was an alternate version of Wanda's brother—however, that wasn't the case.

Instead, he was Ralph Bohner, a simple nobody who was under Agatha's control. Since then, the character has yet to come up... yet.

Westview's Return to the Spotlight

Westview citizens in WandaVision

While plenty of mystery surrounds the WandaVisioin spin-off series Agatha: Coven of Chaos, set photos revealed some intriguing details. Most notable among them is how Westview itself will be in the spotlight at some point in the series.

The telltale sign of this is how the town has gotten a new shopping mall, and both Kathryn Hahn's Agatha and Joe Locke's mystery character (likely Wiccan himself) were both seen on set.

Then there's previous casting news that confirmed a total of eight returning citizens of Westview from WandaVision. This includes David Payton, David Lengel, Asif Ali, Amos Glick, Brian Brightman, Kate Forbes, Emma Caulfield, and Debra Jo Rupp.

If that many returning town folk will be showing up, surely Marvel Studios will give audiences an update on Ralph Bohner.

Evan Peters Is Up for More Marvel

Evan Peters in WandaVision

In a recent interview with Deadline, Evan Peters revealed that he'd definitely be up for returning to the MCU.

Peters' plainly noted that "[he'd] be in another Marvel movie," as he's currently trying to "stay out of the darkness for a while" after some more intense roles:

"I'd be in another Marvel movie. Yeah, I think for me, Dahmer was really the last sort of dark character that I'm going to play for an extended period of time. So it was sort of a send-off to that time of working hard on things like that, and now I'm going to try to pivot. Anything in the light I'm just trying to stay out of the darkness for a while."

Additionally, countless rumors claim to have knowledge of Evan Peters' return as Bohner in Agatha. Sadly, fans will have to wait until the show lands to know if any of them end up being true.

Can Marvel Studios Fix Their Bohner Joke?

Evan Peters as Ralph Bohner in WandaVision

This is Marvel Studios' chance to course-correct a poor twist many fans still hold in contempt. After all, if they can fix Iron Man 3's Mandarin choice with Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings, giving Evan Peters more purpose should be easy.

Many fans still think Agatha's rabbit, Señor Scratchy, could be a precursor to a twist revealing her son, Nicholas Scratch, to audiences. Perhaps that's actually who Ralph Bohner is?

It's unlikely that Marvel Studios will do what fans originally thought back when WandaVision was airing and make him Quicksilver reborn. Though it's hard not to want the speedster back on the board—Wanda could certainly use the win.

Agatha: Coven of Chaos is expected to release on Disney+ sometime in 2024.

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