Emilia Clarke Warns Against Marvel-Like Movie Franchises That Get Too Confusing

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Secret Invasion star Emilia Clarke recently talked about how major movie franchises similar to the MCU can get very confusing if done wrong.

Clarke is set to make her MCU debut in the upcoming Disney+ series, Secret Invasion.

The actress already publicly talked about her role in the show, and even expressed her excitement by saying how working on the project resulted in "star struckness" for her.

Clarke continues to promote the "badass show" that will be hitting Disney+ on June 21, and so far has only stated that the experience has been "fabulous."

Secret Invasion Isn't Reliant on the Greater MCU

Emilia Clarke in Secret Invasion

Emilia Clarke, who will be portraying Talos' daughter, G'iah, in Secret Invasion, recently spoke with Empire Magazine about how the upcoming series will tie into the greater MCU.

Clarke warned that some interconnected franchises similar to the MCU "can get into dangerous territory" and become convoluted if every single project within it has to connect with one another.

The Game of Thrones star then revealed that Secret Invasion doesn't suffer from this problem, and even said her mother, "who doesn't watch Marvel," will be able to enjoy the upcoming series:

"It’s definitely a show for the fans, but it’s also a show that my mum, who doesn’t watch Marvel, will watch and get, do you know what I mean? You can get into dangerous territory sometimes with this sort of genre where if you haven’t watched all 17 other films or shows, you’re not going to get it. This isn’t that at all."

This isn't the first time that Clarke spoke out about the MCU as a whole. In the past, the actress talked about how she would like to make appearances in the franchise for a long time, and even said that she feels "lucky" to be a part of something that is "so loved:"

"I mean, I should be so lucky is what I’ll say to that. Everyone I know and everyone I’ve spoken to who is a part of the Marvel universe — and actors talk! Everyone has only the highest praise to offer. There’s a reason why actors stay in it. They’re so loved because they’re having loads of fun. So I’m down for that. Sure!"

Making Secret Invasion Accessible for Everyone

Emilia Clarke's comments should encourage the more casual fans of the MCU that Secret Invasion is aiming to not only be a good Marvel project but to just be an excellent television series in general.

However, what the star said should not discourage the die-hard MCU fans in any way when it comes to the upcoming series.

Just because the spy show will be accessible and easy to enjoy for everyone doesn't mean that there won't be some deep storyline tie-ins to the entire franchise, and fans can expect there to be some Easter eggs that only they will be able to catch.

All Clarke means is that viewers will not have to watch any other MCU project to be able to sit down, enjoy, and understand the plot and conflict of Secret Invasion.

Secret Invasion is set to hit Disney+ on June 21.

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