Marvel Studios' Next Disney+ Show Will Deliver Major Twists (Report)

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A new MCU rumor claimed that Secret Invasion's format would rival WandaVision in terms of leaving fans hanging with questions and theories. 

Marvel Studios previously described Secret Invasion as a "crossover event series," indicating that it will be a star-studded affair. Moreover, Disney+ also confirmed its intriguing genre with it labeled as "Spy/Espionage."

Given that Samuel L. Jackson's Nick Fury (the man who Tony Stark described as an agent whose secrets have secrets) is at the forefront, the show's genre isn't surprising.

However, the Skrulls' inclusion in the series will look to take its mystery elements to the next level. 

New Secret Invasion Rumor Has a WandaVision Connection

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As per The Cosmic Circus, Marvel Studios' Secret Invasion is rumored to be the first MCU Disney+ show that will rival WandaVision when it comes to the tone of its twists and turns, meaning that it will leave fans with many questions while also reigniting speculation online. 

The Cosmic Circus noted that Secret Invasion "brings back the incredible spy-thriller vibes" akin to Captain America: The Winter Soldier, with each episode "leaves more twists and turns than ever, leaving fans with more questions than answers."

While Loki Season 1 and Moon Knight did almost reach this level in some regard, the fan speculation surrounding WandaVision's twist and premise was massive during its Disney+ run, leading to a good chunk of trending topics on Twitter. 

In an interview during last year's San Diego Comic-Con, Secret Invasion star Cobie Smulders talked about the show's tone and premise, hinting at potential betrayal from the Skrulls: 

“When we think about the world that they’re in, the Skrulls have been around since we saw them in 'Captain Marvel.' They’ve been building in numbers. And are they good? Are they bad? We’re gonna find out in the show. But there’s certainly a lot of them and so it sort of turns into this, ‘Can I trust you? Can I not trust you?’ And it’s really cool. It’s certainly fraught with a lot of tension."

Speaking with TV Line, via Comicbook, Smulders shared that she is excited about Secret Invasion's "very different tone," teasing that it sets up Nick Fury in a "really interesting way" that she always wanted to see: 

"I’m really excited about it and it’s a very different tone that I have seen, especially like having Sam in anything is just a thrill to watch but I think it really like just sets his character up in a really interesting way that I’ve always wanted to see, so I was really excited about that."

Furthermore, the Secret Invasion star also teased that the way the show "portrayed the twists and turns that they take people" will be worth it and exciting: 

“It’s a really fascinating concept and I think that the way they’re portrayed and the twists and turns that they take people on is going to be really worth it and really exciting.”

Why Secret Invasion Could Elevate MCU’s Disney+ Shows

Amid the MCU delays and struggles in Phase 5, this new rumor about Secret Invasion could be what Marvel would need in order to get over the hump. 

Given that WandaVision received widespread acclaim because of the fodder it gave fans to ponder weekly (on top of Wanda Maximoff's popularity), Secret Invasion has the potential to rival the Elizabeth Olsen-led series due to its crossover nature and its unexpected twists and turns. 

From predicting which MCU character will show up in the next installment to fan theories on which hero or villain is disguised as a Skrull, the possibilities are endless. 

It also helps that Secret Invasion's episodes will release weekly similar to WandaVision as it would give fans and critics time to analyze and rewatch installments in order to craft engaging theories that would elevate the MCU in trending topics online. 

Secret Invasion being compared to the tone of Captain America: The Winter Soldier could hint that the twists will be as impactful as the Hydra reveal during the MCU sequel, mainly because it took the franchise to a dark place like never before. 

Secret Invasion is confirmed to release on Disney+ on June 21.

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