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Emilia Clarke Marvel character

Game of Thrones actress Emilia Clarke shared a post on Instagram in response to confirmation of her MCU character's identity in Secret Invasion.

After a long mystery surrounding who she will play in the MCU, Marvel Studios recently confirmed Emilia Clarke will play Talos daughter G'iah in Secret Invasion. The young Skrull was last seen as a child in 2019's '90s-set Captain Marvel.

Touching on her new MCU character in an interview with Vanity Fair, the Game of Thrones star noted how G'iah has a "punk feeling" due to her upbringing as a refugee kid with Skrull General Talos as her father.

The first look recently emerged at G'iah in her Skrull form following the release of Secret Invasion's second trailer and confirmation of its June 21 Disney+ premiere.

Emilia Clarke Hypes Up Bad Ass MCU Character

Following the announcement that she will play Talos' daughter G'iah in Secret Invasion, Emilia Clarke recently took to Instagram to share a picture of her Skrull character, simply captioned "G’iah. Let the badass-ing begin."

Emilia Clarke, G'iah, Secret Invasion

The Game of Thrones actress also accompanied her post with a behind-the-scenes shot of her during the production of Secret Invasion.

Emilia Clarke, G'iah, Secret Invasion

Clarke shared the latest trailer on Instagram when it was first released saying how she "couldn't be prouder of this badass show:"

"MARVEL BABY!!!!!! Couldn’t be prouder of this badass show, buckle up kids, it’s about to get real…"

The MCU newcomer touched on her superhero debut in an interview with Collider in which she called the experience "mind-boggling:"

“It’s mind-boggling. I’ve got to tell you, the way that those shows and films are created is mind boggling. It’s like everyone at Marvel knows how to unlock the Rubik’s cube, and you couldn’t even possibly — I can’t do a Rubik’s Cube to save my damn life. I hope a lot of people can’t also. It’s like they have some secret thing, and it just works. It just works! I’ve tried to understand it, and I’ve tried to be like, ‘Okay, logically how is this, how do you guys, what’s the…?’ They’re drinking some water over there. I don’t know what it is. It’s fabulous. […]”

She added how working with Marvel Studios is "just kind of brilliant" and how everyone involved is "just so chill:"

“They nail it. They just absolutely nail it. I’m not the only actor to say that working with them is just kind of brilliant. It really is. We had a lot of laughs. They’re just so chill, and I think I’m not that chill, and I think if I were them, I would be so unchill all the time.”

Emilia Clarke's Huge MCU Potential Explained

Exactly how Emilia Clarke's G'iah fits into Secret Invasion, although she has been rumored to be a "spy with powers" in the show. Clarke has expressed her interest in continuing with her MCU character in the future and is even willing to spend a full decade in the franchise as others have before her.

Back in Captain Marvel, there were no signs of G'iah having powers beyond the shape-shifting talents of an ordinary Skrull. The trailers for Secret Invasion have shown off a Skrull with intriguing Groot-like superpowers, so perhaps something will happen to land Clarke's character and others of her kind with special abilities. 

Provided of course G'iah survives Secret Invasion, many will be wondering when she could appear next in the MCU. Well, that could come sooner than expected as Samuel L. Jackson's Nick Fury will appear in The Marvels, so it's easy to see how Talos and the rest of his Skrull family could come back too.

During Captain Marvel when they were both children, G'iah and Monica Rambeau appeared to bond and build something of a friendship. With Clarke and Teyonah Parris, respectively, now playing the adult versions of the pair, it could be intriguing to see them share the screen in either The Marvels or a future project.

Secret Invasion will premiere on June 21, exclusively on Disney+.

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