Chucky Season 3 Finale Makes Franchise History With 1 Horrifying Scene

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The Chucky Season 3 finale had one particular scene that was both horrifying and historic.

This article contains spoilers for Chucky Season 3 Episode 8.

The latest episode of the horror hit had a lot for audiences to take in, from Jake getting possessed to Chucky and Tiffany getting new bodies and even the lead trio being trapped into their own dolls. But none of those were the most ground-breaking moments from the finale.

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The History of Chucky Comes to Life on Screen

Chucky Season 3 finale

The Chucky Season 3 finale made history with every version of the character returning simultaneously for one ground-breaking sequence.

Several performers have portrayed the character of Charles Lee Ray, the serial killer stuck inside the iconic Chucky Doll, throughout the years. 

While Brad Dourif is the first (and remains Chucky's voice to this day), three other actors played the character at different points in his life, mostly through flashbacks: David Kohlsmith, Tyler Barish, and Fiona Dourif.

Kohlsmith first popped up as a 7-year-old Charles Lee Ray in Season 1, Barish appeared in both Seasons 1 and 2 as the 14-year-old version of the killer, and Fiona Dourif as an adult version of her father’s iconic serial killer.

In Chucky's Season 3 closer, Jake tries to convince Good Chucky to off himself in the afterlife, and all the previous versions of Charles Lee Ray appear next to each other at the front of the spiritual bed.

This includes Brad and Fiona Dourif, Barish, Kohlsmith, and even several incarnations of the Good Guy Doll itself.

Seeing them all on-screen at once was undoubtedly a wild experience for most long-time fans of the franchise.

For many, it already felt crazy enough to have gotten Brad Dourif as an older Charles Lee Ray in Episode 7, as the character found himself in the afterlife following his demise in the previous installment

On how he approached that performance, the actor told The Direct's Russ Milheim that this is the first time Chucky has evolved since he first went into the doll in Child’s Play:

"I reminded myself that since the first time, Chucky is evolved. And the first thing is, Chucky's always been terrified of dying because it's oblivion. And up until the point where he gets threatened with Hell, You know, he's very relieved. I mean, he's like, 'What is this place? But, you know, I'm not dead. I mean, you know, I'm here. I'm conscious, and I'm not gone.' So, in that sense, by the time he meets Damballa, he's really laughing and having a good time. And angry."

Fiona Dourif was on hand as well, and she detailed how the two of them got to share a screen for "the first time ever" and the whole scene was "the celebration of the character of Chucky:"

"In the finale, my father and I share a screen for the first time ever in our lives. It's also this scene that is like this celebration of the character of Chucky throughout the last, you know, whatever, three decades, so it's really, it's quite special. And it was a blast to shoot. We had so much fun."

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What Is Next for Chucky in Season 4?

It will be hard for the show to top having so many Charles Lee Rays on-screen at once.

However, there is one historic move the franchise needs to make: getting Chucky to space. Creator Don Mancini previously shared how he is up for it if fans demand it.

While it's impossible to know if that's next, a Season 4 of Chucky has been pitched. Actor Fiona Dourif formerly teased to The Direct that if more episodes are ordered, the next storyline will see "Chucky in a new role."

One potential direction the next season could go would be to make the iconic horror icon a hero of sorts. He has always been the villain, but what if he used his porcelain frame for more?

Chucky is now streaming on Peacock.

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