Chucky Season 4 Prospects Get Exciting Update from Creator (Exclusive)

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Chucky creator Don Mancini talked about a potential Season 4 of the horror series. 

Chucky's run on the small screen has been nothing short of successful on SYFY and the USA Network. 

The series is in its third season, with the story showing no signs of slowing down as Chucky brings his reign of terror to the White House.  

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Chucky Creator Addresses Possible Season 4

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In an exclusive interview with The Direct, Chucky creator Don Mancini provided an update about the show's potential Season 4. 

While he admitted he can say "very little" about Season 4, Mancini confirmed that he "already pitched it to the network" (SYFY and USA Network):

"There’s very little I can say about that. I can’t tell you my idea for Season 4, but I’m really excited about it. I already pitched it to the network. So fingers crossed because it’s something I really like to do."

Mancini then teased that Season 4 will be "another left turn" in terms of the story that they have been doing: 

"I think it’s really fun, new, and again, another left turn in terms of what we’ve been doing so far. We don’t know the status of the show yet. So again, fingers crossed that we will get picked up, right?"

Chucky star Devon Sawa, who plays U.S. President Collins in Season 3, said that he's "optimistic" about a possible Season 4: 

"Yeah, I’m optimistic. I’m optimistic. I’ve heard a little bit of the season unless it’s changed. But again, it’s Don [Mancini] raising the bar."

Chucky stars Zackary Arthur, Alyvia Alyn Lind, and Björgvin Arnarson also spoke in an exclusive interview with The Direct about which storylines they want to see for their characters in Season 4. 

Arnarson, who plays Devon Evans, said that he wants his character to go on a side quest to try to unpack something on his own: 

"I've been saying this. I think Devon should get back to his detective roots and really go on like a side quest. A side quest where he's just out there trying to solve something on his own. And I think… I don't know, maybe discover himself on the way or something. I think that'd be sick."

Devon's passion for true crime podcasts has been evident since Season 1, and it would be fitting if the Chucky mainstay dives into that interest in the future. 

Lind, who plays Lexy Cross, wants her character to dive back into her "Mean Girl roots," referencing the time when she served as Jake's bully in a good chunk of Season 1: 

"I want to be evil again. I want Lexi to go back to her roots, her ‘Mean Girl’ roots. I’ve been a 'nice girl' [for] too long. I want her to go back to her ‘Mean Girl’ roots and I don't know, do something big that we haven't seen her do yet."

Arthur, who plays Jake Wheeler, said that a heel turn for his character could be explored as well while also pointing out that he could join Devon for his detective side quests where he's the "good cop" in a bad cop-good cop tandem: 

Zackary Arthur: "Season 1 Jake almost went to the dark side, right? Maybe that could be something. I think it’d be really funny if… Björgvin was talking about the detective [side quest]. I could be like the trope with the detective where they have the guy who’s like [aggressive] and I was like, ‘Well, ask him the questions or whatever.’ What is that trope where like the detectives where there’s a really stupid person and a smart…"

Alyvia Alyn Lind: "Good cop, bad cop!"

Björgvin Arnarson: "I’m bad cop."

Zackary Arthur: "Yeah! I’m good cop."

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What Could Happen in a Potential Chucky Season 4?

While Season 4 has yet to be confirmed, Chucky creator Don Mancini's latest comments present a promising preview of what is next for the killer doll and the lead trio's gang of brave teenagers. 

Chucky Season 3 took it up a notch by featuring the White House as its main setting, and the stakes were definitely high due to the inclusion of the President of the United States and the ramifications that came along with it. 

It remains to be seen how Chucky will survive his death in Season 3, but anything is possible as the killer doll has already cheated death numerous times. 

What the Chucky series proved throughout its three-season run is that the storyline possibilities are endless. 

Season 1 explored a small-town killing spree in Hackensack, Season 2 delved into a clash between Christianity and Chucky anchored by his voodoo shenanigans, and Season 3 was infused with political drama sprinkled with ghosts of the White House tidbits. 

If Season 4 happens, then the series could elevate the craziness by including otherworldly aspects such as Chucky in space, time travel, or even allowing the killer doll to travel to another country to continue his murder streak. 

Seeing Chucky in another country might be the most plausible option among the three since it would allow him to keep his distance from the main trio while he plots his evil scheme.

New episodes of Chucky Season 3 premiere on Syfy and the USA Network at 10 p.m. ET every Wednesday. 

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