Bodies Bodies Bodies: Who Is the True Killer?

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Amandla Stenberg as Sophie, Maria Bakalova as Bee in Bodies Bodies Bodies

Bodies Bodies Bodies is a paranoid-riddled, slasher-adjacent thrill ride that leaves audiences guessing who the real killer might be.

The movie follows Amandla Stenberg’s Sophie and Maria Bakalova’s Bee, who join a group of friends at a remote vacation house to party out a big hurricane. Sadly, things go very poorly for everyone after they find Pete Davidson’s David with his throat slashed.

Who Killed Pete Davidson's David?

Pete Davidson in Bodies Bodies Bodies
Bodies Bodies Bodies

While audiences are left wondering what could have possibly happened to Pete Davidson’s David in Bodies Bodies Bodies, the answer is an unexpected one: nobody actually killed David.

Instead, at the movie's end, Sophie and Bee learn the truth after discovering David’s phone in the mud. It turns out he was filming a silly internet video with his fancy old sword while trying to uncork a bottle, just like Lee Pace’s Greg did earlier in the film.

One of David’s attempts goes incredibly poorly as the sword slips past the cork right into his neck.

While the movie teased the killer was possibly a mysterious unseen friend named Max, the possibility of his involvement was always a red herring. Though, he does show up in the film's final moments to see the aftermath.

How Exactly Did Everyone Die in Bodies Bodies Bodies?

Bodies Bodies Bodies girls together
Bodies Bodies Bodies

One of the most interesting aspects of Bodies Bodies Bodies is how high the body count is without there ever being any real killer.

Only two people are ever directly killed by another—both in self-defense (at least from the perspective of the killer).

The first (and second in the overall body count) is Lee Pace’s Greg, who the group assumes to be the killer due to them all knowing very little about him.

There is also the assumption he served in the military. However, that misconception is cleared up a little too late, as Rachel Sennott’s Alice clarifies that he is a Veterinarian, not a Veteran.

Greg meets his end when Bee whacks him in the head with a kettlebell twice. The girls are so panicked and paranoid that they considered their actions to be self-defense despite Greg not doing anything against them.

The second murder, who is also the last to die in the movie, is Myha’la’s Jordan. She gets thrown off the second floor's balcony by Bee—this time resulting from actual self-defense.

The rest of the deaths in the film are all accidents.

The third body belongs to Chase Sui Wonders' Emma, whom audiences never actually see die. But later in the film, Amandla Stenberg’s Sophie admits Emma's stumble was an accident that happened shortly after she handed off some drugs to her.

Then there is poor Alice, the fourth death of the film, who is killed when a gun accidentally goes off, killing her instantly.

The only two survivors of the entire ordeal, outside of Max, are both Sophie and Bee. However, the same probably can't be said of their relationship, which is likely broken beyond repair.

As of writing, Bodies Bodies Bodies is streaming on Netflix.

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