The Postcard Killings 2: Will a Sequel Ever Release?

By Russ Milheim Posted:
Jeffrey Dean Morgan in The Postcard Killings movie

With The Postcard Killings’ popularity on the rise thanks to its placement on Netflix, many are wondering if The Postcard Killings 2 will ever happen.

The movie follows Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s Jacob Kanon, a retired cop who is on the hunt for the serial killers who brutally murdered his daughter on her honeymoon. While there’s some conclusiveness to the ending, the door is left wide open for another installment.

Will a Sequel to The Postcard Killings Happen?

The Postcard Killings ending
The Postcard Killings

Warning - This article contains spoilers for The Postcard Killings.

By the end of The Postcard Killings, the film's central killers are identified as Marina and Simon Haysmith, but neither is caught. One of them seemingly dies of a gunshot from Jacob, while the other, Marina, is alive and on the run.

The final shot confirms this as Marina makes a call to her estranged father.

Despite this open-ended cliffhanger, there are currently no known plans for The Postcard Killings 2. This should not be too surprising, however, since the original book that the movie is based on (of the same name) is a standalone story as well.

While the creative team could always go ahead with an original story (many adapted projects go further than their source material, such as Game of Thrones and The Leftovers), that’s also very unlikely.

It has been three years since the movie was released, and no development has come out regarding a potential sequel. It doesn’t help that the film, produced by Good Films Collective, is currently sitting at a 24% critic approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes and a 38% audience score.

The project also did not do very well at the box office, which was not helped by the global COVID-19 pandemic situation at the time.

The only lingering hope fans might have for The Postcard Killings 2 being made is that its predecessor, which was the #1 trending movie on Netflix in the U.S. on January 29, remains popular enough in the coming weeks to make Good Films Collective confident that a sequel could substantially outperform the first movie from an audience perspective.

What Would Happen in The Postcard Killings 2?

Assuming another Postcard Killings movie served as a direct sequel and not just another case, one would have to assume Noami Battrick's Marina Haysmith would factor heavily into the movie’s plot. She’s undoubtedly pissed that her lover and adopted brother are dead.

There are two people she could turn to to express that anger: Jacob Kanon or Simon Haysmith Sr., Marina’s father. The ending of the original movie seems to indicate she’d go after her abusive dad first.

But there is plenty of unresolved business between Jacob and her as well. After all, he is the one who killed the love of her life.

One aspect of the movie that would be hard to replicate for a sequel is the Postcard part, especially since half of the deadly duo is dead. Their deadly artistic expression has no reason to exist.

If The Postcard Killings 2 does happen one day, it would need to be with a completely new title as well.

As of writing, The Postcard Killings is now streaming on Netflix.

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