Chucky Season 4 Gets Promising Story Update from Star (Exclusive)

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One of the stars of Syfy’s Chucky just offered a promising update on how good Season 4 will be.

The third and latest season of the hit television show followed Brad Dourif’s Chucky as he slaughters his way through the White House.

Despite high praise, another season has not yet been confirmed. However, showrunner and creator Don Mancini recently revealed a fourth season has been pitched to the network.

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Season 4 of Chucky Puts the Doll in a New Role

Chucky Doll in Season 3

In an exclusive interview with The Direct’s Russ Milheim, Chucky actors Fiona and Brad Dourif teased the Season 4 pitch for the series, the show’s historic finale, and what they want to see next for their characters.

While talking about the Season 4 pitch, Fiona Dourif teased how "it is so good," and it "sees Chucky in a new role:"

"There's a pitch for season four that we're hoping that we get to do. And it is--I swear I'm not just saying this. It is so good. It would be, it will be my favorite--It's just my favorite idea. Anyway, that sees Chucky in a new role that I just think will be, I just think it will be a blast... What's very cool about Don Mancini's brain and this franchise is that he reinvents each time. It's gone through so many phases that it never gets boring. Yeah, it's a blast to make."

One future Chucky storyline fans want to see at some point for the franchise is a crossover between the killer doll and M3GAN, a taller, more dance-obsessed doll who led her own film in 2023.

Brad admitted the desire is "something [he doesn't] understand," but that he wholly trusts whatever Don Mancini decides to do with his character:

"That's something I don't understand. You know, that's beyond me. I had not seen that; I've not seen the movie. I don't watch horror. It scares me. So, um, so I don't know, I don't know who M3GAN really is... It'll be whatever Don decides it'll be, you know, I mean, that's, I leave that kind of thing up to Don because Don really is a horror fan. And, incidentally, Megan, in that, you know, it's inspired by Chucky, which is, you know, a compliment to Don."

As for what they want next for their characters, Fiona jokes she "wouldn't mind some limbs" and that she feels like Nica deserves "to capture and torture Jennifer Tilly:"

"I wouldn't mind some limbs, you know. I mean, the running joke is next season, I'm a head in a jar. I think I deserve to capture and torture Jennifer Tilly. That's what I'd like… Bitch has it coming."

Brad pointed out he feels he’s "done about everything," but he wouldn't mind "[being] another person" on the show.

When The Direct offered the possible scenario of a long-lost twin, Brad agreed that "something like that" would be fun.

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What's Chucky's New Role in Season?

Regarding what Season 4 could be, Chucky as a series has already proven that there are no limits to the craziness it can bring into the franchise.

After all, Season 3 has already murdered the President of the United States, launched a Nuke, and seen Chucky in the afterlife.

With Fiona Dourif saying that the Season 4 pitch puts Chucky in a new role, one can't help but wonder if perhaps the story will try to spin him as a protagonist of sorts. Maybe there’s some greater evil that only everyone’s favorite Good Guy doll can stop.

Of course, there’s always space, which Don Mancini admitted he would do if there was enough demand for it.

Though, it is hard to see that playing out on television—but it would certainly be fitting for the SyFy network.

Chucky is now streaming on Peacock.

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