Speak No Evil 2024 Movie Plot Spoilers & Ending Explained

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James McAvoy in Speak no Evil

As Speak No Evil (2024) serves as an English-language remake of the 2022 Danish psychological horror of the same name, all of the biggest spoilers and twists for the plot and ending have already been uncovered.

The horror is getting a new lease of life in 2024 as Blumhouse Productions and Universal Pictures deliver their English remake led by James McAvoy.

Speak No Evil Plot Spoilers Explained

James McAvoy in Speak No Evil movie

Speak No Evil stars the Danish family of Bjørn (called Paddy and played by James MacAvoy in the English remake), Louise, and Agnes. 

On their vacation in Tuscany, the trio crossed paths with the Dutch couple of Patrick and Karin along with their son Abel - who suffers from congenital aglossia and was born without a tongue.

After bonding on the holiday, the Dutch couple invited Bjørn and his family to visit their remote rural home in the Netherlands, which they happily accepted. 

But upon arriving in the remote home, Bjørn's wife Louise quickly became uncomfortable with Patrick and his behavior, notably his abuse of Abel.

Patrick exhibited strange behavior such as disputing Louise's vegetarianism, manipulating Bjørn into paying for a meal, drunkenly making out with his wife in front of the couple, and later driving under the influence. He even spied on Louise while she was in the shower and observed her and Bjørn having sex.

This reached its culmination when Agnes' cries to sleep beside her parents were ignored and Patrick took her to sleep next to him fully naked. 

Obviously, once Louise discovered this situation, she, Bjørn, and Agnes left the house, only to be forced to return for a left-behind rabbit doll.

Speak No Evil's Twist Ending Explained

Despite originally leaving the remote Netherlands residence, the family was convinced to stick around after returning to collect the doll. It was then Patrick confessed to several of his lies such as being a doctor when he is unemployed and objects to real work but simply wanted to impress them.

The real spoiler-y twist of Speak No Evil came about when Bjørn uncovered a cabin loaded with empty luggage, cameras, and pictures of Patrick and Karin with various couples and young children on their holidays.

So, it became clear Patrick and Karin were, in fact, serial killers, luring families to their remote home to slay the parents and abduct their young children. 

Once Bjørn uncovered Patrick and Karin's supposed son Abel drowned in a pool, he and his family attempted to flee the house, only to be caught.

This spurred a conflict in which Patrick beat Bjørn, Abel's babysitter Muhajid pinned down Louise, and Karin cut off Agnes' tongue, presumably as they had previously done to Abel after abducting him and killing his family.

While Muhajid left the scene with a tongueless Agnes, Bjørn and Louise were placed into a ditch by the serial killer couple and stoned to death.

It was from here that Patrick and Karin were left to repeat their killing cycle with Agnes set to take on Abel's former role as the mute and abused child while another family is targeted for their next murder.

The Speak No Evil remake hits theaters on September 13, 2024.

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