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Them: The Scare, Deborah Ayorynde, Luke James

Them: The Scare Season 2 is now available for audiences to stream on Amazon Prime Video, and these are the main cast and characters audiences will follow.

The new season of the horror anthology, which is mostly a separate storyline from what audiences saw in the first season, follows Deborah Ayorinde’s Dawn, a Los Angeles Police Department detective who gets wrapped up in a gruesome murder case that shakes the whole department to its core.

The Cast and Characters for Them: The Scare Season 2

Deborah Ayorinde - Dawn

Deborah Ayorinde as Dawn in Them: The Scare
Amazon Studios

Deborah Ayorinde plays Dawn in Them Season 2, a hardened LAPD homicide detective who becomes a cop thanks to her father. She is also one of the only women of color in a department filled with racism.

As determined and skilled as Dawn is as a cop, she doesn’t have the cleanest track record, having had one notable incident in the field in recent years.

Dawn also has a son in Joshua J. Williams’ Kelvin, and she has recently divorced her former husband, Iman Shumpert’s Corey. 

Ayorinde played a different character in Them Season 1, Livia Emory. Outside of that, some fans might recognize the actress from her time on Luke Cage, True Detective, or Truth Be Told.

Pam Grier - Athena

Pam Grier as Athena
Amazon Studios

Athena, played by Pam Grier, is the mother of Deborah Ayorinde’s Dawn, who works at a toy shop.

While she loves her daughter deeply, Athena harbors secrets that still haunt her daily.

Grier is known for her performances in Jackie Brown, The L Word, Bless This Mess, and more.

Luke James - Edmund Gaines

Luke James as Edmund Gaines in Them: The Scare
Amazon Studios

Luke James plays Edmund Gaines, an aspiring but failing, actor who works as a children’s mascot at a local arcade (think of Chuck E. Cheese or Five Nights at Freddy’s). While he might seem like a shy, sensitive person, Edmund is a deeply disturbed soul trying to fill a hole within himself that can never be filled.

Audiences quickly learn that this character’s path is not pleasant.

James has previously been involved in several television shows, including Star, Unsolved: The Murders of Tupac and the Notorious B.I.G., and The Chi.

Joshua J. Williams - Kelvin ‘Kel’ Reeves

Joshua J. Williams as Kelvin Reeves
Amazon Studios

Joshua J. Williams plays Dawn’s son, Kelvin ‘Kel’ Reeves. He is a shy, smart kid who puts lots of time and effort into developing his abilities as a drummer.

While he gets along well with his mother, he feels resentment towards her about his parents’ divorce.

Before his time on Them: The Scare, Williams portrayed Solomon in Cloak & Dagger, along with notable roles in Mudbound, Quarry, and Flatbush Misdemeanors.

Jeremy Bobb - Detective Ronald McKinney

Jeremy Bobb as Detective Ronald McKinney in Them: The Scare
Amazon Studios

Detective Ronald McKinney, played by Jeremy Bobb, is a quick closer at the LAPD, who has a reputation for employing questionable methods.

He is a racist and is Dawn’s leading partner in the murder case that opens up the series. McKinney very quickly becomes an antagonistic force in the series.

Bobb has a handful of notable roles in his career, including parts in The Outsider, Russian Doll, The Continental, and more.

Wayne Knight - Lt. Schiff

Wayne Knight as Lr. Schiff in Them: The Scare
Amazon Studios

Wayne Knight’s Lt. Schiff is Dawn’s supervisor at the LAPD, who is generally on her side, even if that means consistently giving her a hard time.

Knight’s most famous parts include Nedry in Jurassic Park and Newman in Seinfeld. He’s also been in Harley Quinn, The Bystanders, Bookie, and more.

Carlito Olivero - Joaquin Diaz

Joaquin Diaz as Carlito Olivero in Them: The Scare
Amazon Studios

Joaquin Diaz, played by Carlito Olivero, is a rookie detective who hopes to impress Dawn with his work. While he does not start on the murder case with Dawn, she eventually brings him on as her partner.

Some viewers might recognize Olivero from his time on Step Up: High Water, while others might remember him from the horror film Escape Room: Tournament of Champions.

Charles Brice - Reggie Marks

Charles Brice as Reggie Marks in Them: The Scare
Amazon Studios

Charles Brice is Reggie Marks, the current subject of Dawn’s love and affection, even if it's a closely guarded secret that not even her family knows about.

While the intimacy between the two seems great, Reggie starts to want more—though it’s unclear if that’s something Dawn can offer him.

Fans of Brice’s work can also spot the actor in In from the Cold, City on a Hill, and Homeland.

Iman Shumpert - Corey

Iman Shumpert as Corey in Them: The Scare
Amazon Studios

Corey, portrayed by Iman Shumpert, is Dawn’s ex-husband. While he and his former wife grew apart, he’s still close with his son, with Kel’s drumming being a key point of connection between the two.

Shumpert also portrayed Rob in The Chi and Quintrell in Twenties. He was also a professional basketball player for the Brooklyn Nets.

Brey Howard - Donovan

Brey Howard as Donovan in Them: The Scare
Amazon Studios

Brey Howard's Donovan is one of the casting assistants that Edmund Gaines runs into.

After Donovan snickers behind the camera of one of Edmund’s auditions, Gaines starts to develop a deep hatred for the man.

Smith can be seen in other projects such as FBI, I'm a Virgo, and Kevin Can F**k Himself.

Brandon O’Dell - Rio

Brandon O'Dell as Rio in Them: The Scare
Amazon Studios

Brandon O’Dell plays Rio, Edmund Gaines’ boss at the arcade where they work.

O’Dell has made brief appearances in many other shows, including Stranger Things, Vice Principal, The Resident, The Walking Dead, and more.

Tamika Shannon - Rhonda

Tamika Shannon as Rhonda in Them: The Scare
Amazon Studios

Rhonda, played by Tamika Shannon, is an early love interest of Edmund Gaines who offers to help find a good role for him thanks to the many scripts that come across her desk daily.

Shannon can also be seen in Hightown, Wolf Pack, and Will Trent.

Shane Johnson - Investigator Phillips

Shane Johnson as Investigator Phillips in Them: The Scare
Amazon Studios

Shane Johnson is Investigator Phillips, someone in Internal Affairs that investigates potential misconduct.

Johnson is known by man for his work as Cooper Saxe in both Power and Power Book II: Ghost.

Them: The Scare is now streaming on Prime Video.

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