Them Show Season 2 Gets Official Release Window

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Amazon Studios' Them streaming series just got a release window for Season 2.

The first season of the horror anthology premiered on April 9, 2021, following a black family who moves into an all-white neighborhood in Los Angeles and stumbles upon supernatural evil forces in the process.

A second season, titled The Scare, was officially announced on X (formerly Twitter) in September 2022, but no release date or window was given—only a vague "coming soon."

When Will Them Season 2 Release?

Them Season 2
Prime Video

A new video from Amazon Prime Video has confirmed that Season 2 of Them, officially subtitled The Scare, is set for a 2024 release window.

The teaser, which can be seen in full below, only offers a fleeting glimpse of the show alongside looks at The Boys Season 4, Fallout, and more.

Previously, The Hollywood Reporter revealed that Deborah Ayorinde, Pam Grier, and Luke James would headline the cast for Them: The Scare. Joining them will be Joshua J. Williams, Jeremy Bobb, Wayne Knight, Carlito Olivero, Charles Brice, and Iman Shumpert.

The new season, like the first, will be set in Los Angeles County. However, The Scare will take place in 1991 instead of 1952. The plot follows an LAPD Detective as they investigate "a gruesome murder:"

"The story centers on LAPD Detective Dawn Reeve, who is assigned to a new case: a gruesome murder that has left the most hardened detectives shaken. As Dawn draws closer to the truth, something malevolent grips her and her family."

Ayorinde's Dawn is described as "sharp and observant," and is the only woman of color in the robbery homicide division. Her mother will be played by Pam Grier, while her teenage son by Joshua J. Williams.

Other characters include Dawn's questionable partner, Detective Ronald McKinney, Lt. Schiff, Dawn's supervisor at the LAPD, a newly minted detective by the name of Joaquin Diaz who is looking to impress Dawn, Brice, a charming Los Angeles attorney, and Dawn's ex Corey, a musician.

Them: The Scare will release on Amazon Prime Video at some point in 2024.

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