Them Season 3 Prospects Addressed by Luke James (Exclusive)

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Them: The Scare, Luke James

Luke James commented on the prospects of him returning for a hypothetical Them Season 3.

Season 2, properly titled The Scare, followed James’ Edmund Gaines, a failed actor with a broken psyche—one that inevitably shatters, opening him up to become one with an evil supernatural entity: The Scare.

While the finale seemingly sees Gaines regain control of the evil, he also dies in the process. But, seeing as Da Tap Dance Man, the Season 1 monster, returns in Season 2’s final moments, perhaps anything is possible.

With this show being billed as an anthology, James could also return as a new character entirely, just like Deborah Ayorinde did (while she played Detective Dawn Reeve in Season 2, she was Livia Emory in Season 1).

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Luke James Comments on Possible Season 3 Return for Them

Luke James in Them The Scare
Them: The Scare

In an exclusive interview with The Direct’s Russ Milheim, Them: The Scare star Luke James addressed the prospects of him returning to the show for Season 3.

After being asked if he would return in the future, whether that be as a new character or continuing the story of his Season 2, Edmund Gaines’, the actor admitted he would "follow [showrunner] Little Marvin to the ends of the Earth:"

"Anything [showrunner] Little Marvin wants to do, just tell me the date and where. I'll be there. And you can tell me the character then. You don't have to do anything. It was the most exciting, exhilarating, open, and fun experience that I've ever had thus far in my career. I mean, to walk on set and you don't have to imagine anything. I mean, the set design... You just feel the spookiness that we're about to create. And then the entire crew, I mean, I will do anything I will follow Little Marvin to the end of the Earth. This experience that I've had as an artist pushed me in ways that I didn't know I could go before but the writing everything that you get from it, it is a gift that keeps on giving."

While Season 2 seemingly ended with Edmund Gaines being killed after taking back control from The Scare, The Direct could not help but ask if James’ character is done for good.

While the actor shared he "[doesn’t] know," James added how at the end of the day, "anything can happen:"

"I don't know... You know, when the Da Tap Dance Man comes back, that means anything can happen. Anything. Anything. I mean, he's not gone. You know, it's just like it says there's a bigger play that's happening."

Speaking of Da Tap Dance Man, James revealed that Jeremiah Birkett’s performance as the sinister threat in Season 1 played a big part in his wanting to be a part of the series:

"A big anchor for wanting to do 'Them,' not just because it was a brilliant show and well written and all the actors and just, of course, I want to be a part of something also a struggling actor. So you just say you want to say yes to anything… The performance of the Da Tap Dance Man really moved me. And then to see it in person, to come to set and watch [Jeremiah Birkett] do his tapes. I cried watching him do his scene because it was just so palpable."

The actor went on to explain how "spooky" it was on set, that even off camera, simply hearing "his feet stomping on the ground" was enough to garner a reaction:

"You know how spooky it is when you're watching it on TV. But on set it was out of control, everybody could feel it. You couldn't even see him on camera. You could just hear him walking, and his feet stomping on the ground. And then when you see him, you hear him before you see him. And then you see him. I was like, 'Oh my God.' The day I saw him shoot, the next day was my first day as The Scare. "

The Direct then posed a hypothetical: Would Luke James want to see The Scare and Da Tap Dance man on screen together at the same time?:

"I would love it if we were in the same scene together. I don't know. It'd be crazy. But he was a big anchor into how far you could go. The possibilities. It was just out of."

The entire interview can be viewed here:

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What Could More of Luke James' The Scare Look Like?

While Season 3 of Them has yet to be confirmed, it is hard to imagine Amazon Studios saying no to more. After all, the show seems pretty successful for them and has amassed a follow (though not as big as its other recent hit, Fallout).

Previously, Showrunner Little Marvin told ComicBook that he "a thousand percent" has plans to continue the story of the series, and he'd "love to keep going" for more seasons.

With Da Tap Dance Man returning in Season 2’s final moments, Showrunner Little Marvin clearly has big plans for the show’s overall story despite its anthology label.

With how much Da Tap Dance Man is loved by audiences, having the villain on screen at the same time as The Scare feels like too good an opportunity to pass up.

However, if Season 3 does materialize, it will undoubtedly introduce some new terrifying and unique horror creations. The bar is already set high, so it will not be easy to keep one-upping themselves.

Luckily for them, there is so much to explore with the generational trauma analogy that the show leans so heavily on.

Them: The Scare is now streaming on Amazon's Prime Video.

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