Them Season 3 Gets Hopeful Update from Showrunner

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Da Tap Dance Man in Them: The Scare

The showrunner from Amazon Prime Video's Them offered signs of hope while providing an update about whether Season 3 could happen.

Developed as an anthology series, Them's first two seasons highlight stories from two eras. 

One centered on a 1950s Black family who moved to an all-white neighborhood in East Compton while the other tells the tale of an LAPD detective assigned to work a gruesome murder that has harrowing effects on her and her family.

Earning a solid 79% Tomatometer rating and an 80% Audience Meter score on Rotten Tomatoes, fans now wait to see whether the series will move into a third season.

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Will Them Get a Season 3 on Amazon Prime Video?

Them: The Scare finale ending
Them: The Scare

Multiple names from Amazon Prime Video's Them offered an update on whether the series could be renewed for Season 3.

Showrunner Little Marvin told ComicBook that he "a thousand percent" has plans to continue with a new season, hoping the executives making the call decide to move forward:

ComicBook: "Do you have plans or ideas to continue with another potential season?"

Little Marvin: "A thousand percent. I hope they're listening. I'm ready if they are."

He reiterated that sentiment with Decider, saying that he "would love to keep going" with future seasons:

"I 1,000% have hopes and dreams. I would love to keep going. So let’s see."

Star Deborah Ayorinde, the only actress to appear in both seasons of Them, also spoke with Decider about continuing the show.

When asked if she would return for Season 3, she made it clear she is "here for whatever LM [Little Marvin] comes up with" for the new story:

Decider: "So now I have to ask, what if there was a third born? Would you return for a third season knowing how emotionally attached you got to these characters in the process?"

Deborah Ayorinde: "Short answer: Absolutely. I don’t know what LM is going to do, but I’m here for whatever he comes up with."

What Could Happen in Them Season 3?

Them was advertised through its first two seasons as an anthology, meaning each season tells an isolated story that does not connect to other seasons in any way.

However, this series changed the game on that front at the end of Season 2, which revealed that Shahadi Wright Joseph’s Ruby Lee Emory from Season 1 is the biological mother of Season 2's Dawn Reeve and Edmund Gaines.

Dawn then sees the Da Tap Dance Man, the evil persona that haunted Henry Emory (Ashley Thomas) in Season 1, as it comes face-to-face with Dawn in 1991.

Season 3 could potentially continue this story either in 1991 or in a different era. If the series wanted to move forward into another era, a more present-day setting could be a ripe opportunity for the haunting to move into a new generation with this same family in the spotlight.

For the time being, with Season 3 still unconfirmed, fans will simply have to wait to see what kind of story Little Martin has in mind if and when the time comes for new episodes.

The first two seasons of Them are now streaming on Amazon Prime Video.

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