Chucky Season 3 Episode 5 Gets Exciting Release Update (Official)

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Chucky, Season 3

An update has been officially released for when Chucky Season 3, Episode 5 will debut on Syfy.

A previous listing on Syfy earlier this year, which has since been taken down, noted that “The second half of Season 3 of Chucky will premiere on Syfy and USA Network in May.”

As it turns out, the big debut has been moved up - assuming the date was correct in the first place.

When Will Chucky Season 3 Episode 5 Release?

Chucky Season 3

The official Chucky account on X (formerly Twitter) revealed when Season 3, Episode 5 will finally arrive.

According to the message, fans can expect to be reunited with Chucky on April 10:

“Ur lucky I even text back. 'Chucky’ Season 3 Part 2 is back on April 10 on USA Network and Syfy.”

Chucky Season 3's first four episodes premiered on the networks at 10:00 p.m., so it's most likely that Episodes 5-8 will air at that time as well.

Not much is known about what the back half of the season will include, but a recently released trailer teased Chucky’s increased aging, more crazy times at the White House, and even Chucky voice actor Brad Dourif in the flesh.

Season 3 has already aired four episodes, but its run had to be delayed due to the SAG-AFTRA strikes, which halted production for several months.

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Who Is Next on Chucky's Kill List?

When Chucky last left off, viewers were probably still grappling with the bloody carnage unleashed by the titular horror icon.

Not only were more than a handful of White House guests crushed by a Chandler, but Jake and his friends got no closer to killing Chucky or finding Caroline. Sadly for the possessed Good Guy himself, Charles Lee Ray still seems to be out of favor with Damballa.

Given the events that have already gone down, and by the looks of the trailer for upcoming episodes, the secret of Chucky’s existence in the White House might be discovered sooner rather than later.

Recently the franchise’s creator, Don Mancini, admitted to Screen Rant that he’d send Chucky to space if there was enough demand from fans.

Perhaps he’ll do something even crazier by the end of Season 3: drastically change the status quo and make the entire world aware of the living, breathing Good Guy doll inhabited by a dying Charles Lee Ray. Chucky has always been one to hide in the shadows, so it would be a truly unique move to put such a large public spotlight on him.

Chucky Season 3 continues on April 10 on Syfy and streaming next day on Peacock.

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