Chucky Season 3 Episode 7 Peacock Release Date & Remaining Schedule

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Chucky Season 3 Episode 7 is coming to Peacock soon in the penultimate chapter of the current horror run.

The TV spin-off to the Chucky movie franchise is preparing to wind down its third season where it airs new episodes on USA Network and Syfy before coming to Peacock.

While the future of Chucky beyond Season 3 is unclear as the show has not yet been renewed for Season 4, creator Don Mancini confirmed to The Direct he has "already pitched it to the network" and can say "very little" for now.

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When Will Chucky Season 3 Episode 7 Release on Peacock?

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Chucky Season 3 has just two episodes left to release on Peacock before it concludes. After Episode 7 aired on Syfy and USA Network on Wednesday, April 24 it began streaming the next day on Wednesday, April 25.

The horror series takes its latest episodes to Peacock the next day after it airs on Syfy and USA Network, usually landing on the streamer in the early morning.

The next episode of Chucky to air on Syfy and USA Network will be Episode 8, the Season 3 finale, "Final Destination," which is scheduled to broadcast on Wednesday, May 1 at 10 p.m. ET. As such, the Chucky Season 3 finale will land on Peacock on Thursday, May 2.

All previous episodes of Chucky are streaming now on Peacock.

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