Velma Season 2's Scrappy-Doo Twist Ending Explained

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Scrappy in Velma Season 2

The Velma Season 2 ending has fans flabbergasted, as Scrappy-Doo showed up to cause some trouble. 

Featuring a more adult take on the beloved mystery-hunting world of Scooby-Doo, Velma finally returned to Max on April 25, following Mindy Kaling as the titular sleuth before the formation of Mystery Incorporated.

Season 2 picked up right where the first ended, with Velma enjoying her newfound popularity after thwarting the plot of the dastardly Victoria Jones. However, the good times do not last long as a new mystery ropes Velma back into the action, bringing in a couple of classic Scooby-Doo characters. 

Breaking Down the Velma Season 2 Ending

Scrappy Doo looking angry gnashing his teeth in Velma Season 2

After a season of duking it out with Scrappy-Doo and trying to uncover the mystery of who Uncle Scoobi is, Velma Season 2's ending has fans scratching their heads. 

Season 2, Episode 10 (subtitled "Til Death"), finally saw Velma take down the murderous Scrappy-Doo (played by Invincible's Jason Mantzoukas), as he reigned terror on the Jones estate. 

This comes after it is revealed Scrappy is the byproduct of experimentation by the U.S. military, having been a pet project of Uncle Scoobi (who is actually Melissa Fumero's Sophie in disguise). 

As Scrappy tears the denizens of the Jones' garden party to bits,
Gary Anthony Williams' Don arrives in the knick of time, pulling Fred Jones, Daphne, and (hopefully) Velma out from the carnage. 

However, Velma vows to stay behind. With Daphne and Fred safe aboard the military chopper, Scrappy and Velma finally come to blows. 

Velma looking back at Scarppy Doo in the Velma Season finale

Thrashing at her with his blood-soaked teeth on full display, Velma has no chance to defend herself, as Scrappy tackles her, launching Mindy Kaling's character from the second-story balcony. 

Seeing their friend seemingly die, Daphne, Fred, and Doc launch a military-grade missile at the killer canine. The weapon proves ineffective, with the explosion sending the chopper careening into the ground. 

With all hope seemingly lost, and Scrappy ready to sink his incisors into the remaining survivors, Velma comes to the rescue, using her now-deceased spirit to possess the body of Scrappy and tearing him apart in the process. 

The episode ends with Velma appearing in ghost form, Scrappy seemingly dead, and the residents of the Jones manor safe once again. 

Is Velma Dead in Velma Season 2?

Velma as a ghost in the Velma Season 2 finale

When Velma Season 2 does finally come to an end, it seems pretty definitive that the series' titular mystery hunter is dead. 

After taking out Scrappy-Doo by possessing his body, Velma is seen in spirit form conversing with the rest of the cast, saying she would rather stay behind in an Earth-based purgatory rather than venture into the great beyond. 

This death - funnily enough - came to the joy of many Velma viewers. The Max streaming series has not been the most early received amongst fans, with audiences cheering that Scrappy killed its main character. 

However, while X users like @MajinRaga, who tweeted applauding the death of what they call "the most unlikable version of Velma [ever]," it seems like there may be some hope to revive the series lead. 

A mid-credits scene included in the Season 2 finale teases a possible way forward to bring Velma back to life. 

As Velma's family and friends circle to mourn their lost friend, it is Sara Ramirez's Amber who reveals she may be able to put Velma's spirit back in her body. 

She tells the group, "I might be able to bring you back on Halloween," but the details of such an endeavor are not explored any further than that. 

Velma holding Daphne's hands as a ghost in the Velma Season 2 finale

So, if Velma is to be revived in any way, it looks as though the Velma cast will have to wait until All Hallow's Eve to make it happen. 

No Season 3 of the animated series has been announced as of yet, but if it were to be greenlit, one can expect this revival of Velma to be at its core. 

Amber ended the post-credit scene with a hint that it may not be as simple as waiting until Halloween to bring Velma back to life. She teases that this can only happen provided she can "find a spell that works" and "no evil spirit drags [her] to Hell or something."

This could mean Season 3 (if it were to happen) may explore the gang keeping the spirit of Velma safe from other-worldly forces as they venture to make it to Halloween to save their long-lost friend. 

Velma Season 2 is now streaming on Max. 

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