Captivating the King Season 2: Will More Episodes Release?

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Captivating the King

The final episodes of Captivating the King Season 1 were recently released on March 3, and now, many fans wonder if Season 2 is on the horizon.

Captivating the King is a South Korean drama series that follows a king named Lee In and a woman named Kang Hee-soo. The latter begins the series plotting revenge against the king, but the two end up falling in love with one another.

16 episodes comprised Season 1, first released on January 21 on tvN and Netflix.

Can Fans Expect a Season 2 of Captivating the King?

shin sae kyeong in Captivating the King
Captivating the King

It is important to note that Season 2 of Captivating the King has not been confirmed or greenlit as of writing.

Traditionally, K-dramas are told in exactly one season which is usually between 14 and 18 episodes. Captivating the King checks this box since Season 1 contained 16 episodes, and when looking at the series as a whole, the story it was trying to tell seemed to wrap up by the end of the final episode.

It is also worth mentioning that many K-dramas are adapted from some sort of source material. Whether it be novels, webtoons, or other pre-existing media, that type of storytelling often takes the source material and puts it on-screen in one season.

However, since Captivating the King isn't based on specific source material and is a historical drama, it is not tied down in any way, and its story could be told across multiple seasons. 

So, although it seems unlikely at this point, Captivating the King could potentially be renewed for a Season 2. But fans shouldn't hold their breath.

What Could Happen in Captivating the King Season 2?

Captivating the King ended on a high note with Lee In and Kang Hee-soo back together, but the show didn't feature many important moments on-screen.

For example, many fans would probably have liked to see an actual wedding, which wasn't included in the final episode.

If Season 2 were to be released, a wedding could be fully explored and fleshed out across at least one episode. After all, weddings are a pretty big deal, and seeing as the entirety of Captivating the King revolves around a love story, it would only make sense to give viewers that payoff.

Season 2 could also incorporate Kang Hee-soo's father in a larger way. One of the reasons that Kang Hee-soo went to Beijing was to meet her father. Seeing how she played a big role in bringing peace between the two dynasties, it would be fitting for her to bring her father back with her so that the two could have a proper relationship.

Hee-soo's father could also play a big role in Lee In's life in Season 2, especially since the two would be related by marriage.

Ultimately, a second season of Captivating the King could explore several plotlines, and fans would undoubtedly tune in to see the heights these characters could be taken to in another installment.

Captivating the King is streaming now on Netflix.

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