Captain America 4 Gets Updated Start Date Window (Report)

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Captain America: New World Order has quickly become one of the MCU's most highly-anticipated outings in Phase 4 as Anthony Mackie returns to play Sam Wilson. And thanks to Marvel's presentations at San Diego Comic-Con and the D23 Fan Expo, fans are in for a thrilling new adventure as the new Captain America looks to spread his wings further.

Mackie will be joined by an incredible cast of A-list stars, most recently including Han Solo star Harrison Ford as he takes over the role of General Thunderbolt Ross from the late William Hurt. Throw in a couple of his co-stars from The Falcon and the Winter Soldier along with Tim Blake Nelson's epic return as The Leader from The Incredible Hulk, and Marvel has the recipe set for quite a big outing to help close out the MCU's Phase 5.

With Captain America 4 still more than a year and a half away from its release, one big question that remains is when Marvel Studios will look to start filming for Mackie's first big-screen solo effort in the MCU. Now, a new rumor indicated when cameras might begin rolling as Phase 5 looks to come in with a splash in early 2023.

Captain America 4 Gets Filming Date

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A new rumor from The Cosmic Circus claimed that the filming start date for Captain America: New World Order is expected to be in mid-to-late March 2023, with production set for Atlanta, Georgia. This window isn't set in stone, but there is hope that it will stick with Captain America 4 set to debut in theaters on May 3, 2024.

The report also revealed that Marvel Studios is using the production company Changeup Productions LLC; this is a change from the Chris Evans-led trilogy, which used Vita Ray Productions, a reference to the scientific device that helped transform Steve Rogers into a super soldier.

For perspective, Captain America 4 director Julius Onah told ScreenRant at the D23 Fan Expo that he expected filming to start in early 2023 while telling ComicBook that it would begin in Spring 2023.

Anthony Mackie Prepping for Marvel Filming Soon

Should this filming date stick for Captain America 4, it would give the project just over 13 months to complete shooting and post-production, which has been a standard timeframe for most MCU solo movies over the past few years. This also gives Marvel Studios almost half a year to work out the finer details for the story and the production schedule before the cameras actually begin rolling for Anthony Mackie and his co-stars in Atlanta, Georgia.

With nearly a dozen new entries set to join the MCU timeline before this one, there's almost no telling what could have an effect on the plot for Sam Wilson's first MCU solo movie. But even having a date for filming should ramp up the excitement level to see one of the Avengers' new leaders truly take on more of a leadership role in this epic story.

Captain America 4 also has the responsibility of helping to end Phase 5 along with July's Thunderbolts, although there's a chance that this honor could go to either Blade or Deadpool 3 now that their release dates have been pushed. But regardless of how those details shape up, more information on this film should be set in stone with Marvel so close to capturing Anthony Mackie's new journey on camera.

Captain America: New World Order will debut in theaters on May 3, 2024.

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