Captain America 4 Is Copying an MCU Spider-Man Filming Trend

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Captain America: New World Order is expected to explore the continuation of Sam Wilson's journey as the MCU's new Star-Spangled Avenger. Although the exact plot details are still being kept under wraps, the new Captain America is confirmed to go up against Tim Blake Nelson's the Leader. 

With the film eyeing a 2024 release, production for Captain America 4 has yet to officially begin, with it aiming to start filming in March 2023. Despite that, notable tidbits emerged in the past months, such as the addition of Harrison Ford as Thunderbolt Ross. 

Now, ahead of its filming start, a new production update was reported that could tease the inclusion of another famous Avenger. 

Captain America 4's Working Title References Seinfeld 

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The Cosmic Circus shared that the working title for Captain America: New World Order is "Rochelle Rochelle," a Seinfeld reference to the fictional film in its Season 4 episode entitled "The Movie."

This isn't the first time that a Seinfeld reference was used as a working title for an MCU film. Each of Tom Holland's Spider-Man movies, so far, has had working titles that referenced the Jerry Seinfeld sitcom.

Spider-Man: Homecoming used "Summer of George," the name of a Seinfeld episode. Spider-Man: Far From Home had "Fall of George" as its working title, referring to George Constanza falling in that same episode. 

The latest entry, Spider-Man: No Way Home, used "Serenity Now" as a reference to another Seinfeld episode. 

Movie productions are traditionally given working titles to intentionally disguise the real nature of a certain project. In some cases, such titles can help to prevent certain aspects of a project from leaking before its debut. 

Will Spider-Man Appear in Captain America 4?

It is unknown if this is a solid indication that Tom Holland's web-slinger will appear in Captain America 4, but this working title reference could hint at that possibility. 

Tom Holland's Spider-Man 4 was rumored to be eyeing a July 2024 release, meaning that a potential appearance in New World Order could set up the events of that movie since it will premiere first in May 2024. 

On the flip side, it's possible that the "New World Order" that the Leader could be trying to achieve affects other MCU heroes including Spider-Man, explaining his appearance in the movie. 

While it is not confirmed yet, a team-up between Anthony Mackie and Holland has been a long time coming, especially after how the two MCU veterans had been picking up on each other during interviews. If true, then Peter Parker would need to reintroduce himself again to Sam Wilson since No Way Home's ending established that everyone forgot that he is Spider-Man. 

Whether Spider-Man appears or not, New World Order is poised to have a "massive" impact on the rest of the MCU that will likely affect the web-slinger one way or another.

Captain America: New World Order is set to premiere in theaters on May 3, 2024.

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