Anthony Mackie Shares Captain America Set Video With Funny Post About Tom Holland

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Tom Holland as Spider-Man, Anthony Mackie as Captain America

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier might've already ended its first season, but it's clear that the Star-Spangled story of Anthony Mackie's Sam Wilson is only getting started.

Created by Malcolm Spellman, the series explored Sam's heroic transformation into the Marvel Cinematic Universe's next Captain America by tackling the complicated legacy of the hero's shield and revealing the fact that there was a Black super soldier who was erased from the records of the US government. 

These plot points helped solidify Sam's transition into Captain America, and the finale of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier delivered on that story front. It remains to be seen if a second season is in order for Sam and Bucky, but a new report that a fourth Captain America film is in the works signals a bright future for the winged Avenger. 

With Mackie set to star in his own film, a new video has emerged that playfully served as a response to a hilarious joke made by Spider-Man star Tom Holland several years back. 


Anthony Mackie, who plays the MCU's Sam Wilson, responded to Tom Holland's previous joke that he doesn't have his own MCU movie by sharing a new set video of himself flying while looking at the camera. 

The video was taken from the set of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier. 

As mentioned, this caption about Holland is in reference to an old joke that Holland made about Mackie's Falcon not having his own movie. 

During a panel at the 2018 ACE Comic-Con convention in Seattle, Mackie teased Holland by revealing that he still hasn't seen any of his Spider-Man films. Holland clapped back by saying that he hasn't watched the Falcon movie, but then quickly pointed out that there wasn't one during that time:



Anthony Mackie's new video is a funny reaction to a longtime joke made by Tom Holland, but it also served as a prime example of the bond that was forged by the MCU stars during the Infinity Saga. 

From the moment that th fourth Captain America film was reported by the trades, diehard MCU fans didn't waste time in unearthing Holland's previous joke about the fact that Mackie's winged Avenger didn't have his own movie.

It's only fitting that Mackie chimed on the fun, essentially bringing the actor's comeback for Holland after years of not having one. Now, it seems that the ball is back in the Spider-Man actor's court, and it will be interesting to see if he will respond in his own unique way. 

On a plot level, it's reasonable to assume that Sam's Captain America will meet Spider-Man again down the line, and there's no doubt that this meeting will be a must-see for fans. The possibility of seeing Sam and Peter join forces will be an exciting story to explore for the MCU, and this could even lead to hilarious character interactions along the way. 

Peter still has his own identity problems to deal with, but once that problem is resolved, Spider-Man can answer the Captain America's call for a potential mission in a future project. 

For now, fans can witness the comedic back-and-forth jabs between Mackie and Holland on social media, which could serve as a tease of the heroes' dynamic in a future MCU adventure.

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March 19, 2021
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