Spider-Man 3 Title: What Will The 2021 MCU Film Be Called?

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Even though all Marvel Studios productions are currently on hold due to the COVID-19 pandemic, pre- and post-production work still continues. For many Marvel fans, one of the most highly-anticipated projects of Phase 4 is the untitled third Spider-Man movie. Not much information about the film has been revealed yet, but producer Amy Pascal did say last year that Sony and Marvel Studios were working to once again include the word "home" in the title as they did for Spider-Man: Homecoming and Spider-Man: Far From Home . There are plenty of possible names fans have been speculating about, but which ones would actually be a good fit for the film?


Spider-Man 3
Spider-Man 3

Given that “home sweet home” is a pretty commonly-used phrase featuring the word “home”, it seems like it would at least make the shortlist of potential MCU Spider-Man movie titles. However, given what we know and can assume about the film, the fitting-ness of this possible name would probably begin and end with its inclusion of that word. Far From Home ’s mid-credits cliffhanger implied that with Peter Parker’s Spider-Man identity being revealed to the world and him being painted as a villain, Peter may have to go into hiding. This would likely be away from home since he would quickly be found by authorities if he were to stay in Queens.

If Peter does have to find somewhere new to stay, Home Sweet Home could refer to that place and how he makes it his home. But it seems more likely that he’ll be on the run instead of staying in one place as he tries to clear his name, so this title probably wouldn’t be a good fit.


Spider-Man 3

As yet another popular saying containing the word “home”, it comes as no surprise that fans have tossed around the idea of Spider-Man: Homeward Bound . But, much like Home Sweet Home , it doesn’t sound like it would fit the story of the upcoming third installment if it’s about Peter being on the run or trying to clear his name. There’s already a pretty well-known film with this name: the 1993 talking animal flick - Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey , based on the novel by Sheila Burnford - so Sony and Marvel may want to choose something else.


Spider-Man 3

This title would actually reference Peter being on the run, and therefore no longer having a home, or at least not being able to be there. This one gets a few points for that, as well as for being quick and easy to say (it’s certainly less of a mouthful than some of these other potential names) but loses a substantial amount for killing its own momentum. Not every MCU movie title has to exactly be “fun” ( Thor: Ragnarok references the destruction of the title character’s lifelong home and Captain America: Civil War is named after the event that tore the Avengers apart) but they do all need to carry the promise of excitement and action. And quite frankly, Spider-Man: Homeless just sounds...depressing.


Spider-Man 3

So far, this seems to be the most widely predicted title by fans, and for good reason: it would be a great fit on multiple levels. The word “run” might play into the story perfectly if the movie does see Peter on the run from authorities and the public at large is trying to capture him. But even if the filmmakers pull a fast one on us and the main focus of the movie ends up being something completely out of left field (unintentionally on brand for this potential title) Home Run is probably the only title that could get away with not really relating to the actual story. Calling it Spider-Man: Home Run would immediately give off an action packed, high-energy vibe - exactly the kind most people want from a superhero movie!


Spider-Man 3

On the Homestretch is different from the other potential names on this list in that it seems like a reference not to anything about the movie’s plot, but something more meta: the status of the current live action Spider-Man film series. Being “on the homestretch” refers to being on the final leg of an undertaking, and while last year’s tension between Sony and Disney resulted in a renewal of the agreement between the two companies, this third Spider-Man movie is the character’s only solo film on said agreement. The contract also includes an appearance from the character in one other upcoming MCU movie, but many fans are wondering if this third solo film will be the last Spidey-cetric story set in this universe. Therefore, with this movie, Peter Parker could be “on the homestretch” of his adventures in the MCU.


Spider-Man 3

Homeland Hunt could refer to multiple aspects of the third Spider-Man flick. If Peter really is trying to find a new home, especially if he has to bounce around from place to place, it would be a great fit. But given the rumors of notorious Spider-Man comic villain Kraven the Hunter being this movie’s antagonist, the “hunt” aspect could very well refer to him. In the comics, Kraven is determined to defeat Spider-Man in order to prove himself as the world’s greatest hunter, and the news report at the end of Far From Home would be a great set-up to incorporate this motivation in the context of the MCU. Plus, Homeland Hunt just sounds like a catchy title (something alliteration always helps with!) that would feel fresh and doesn’t borrow a tired or oft-used catchphrase.


It's very possible that the title of the third Spider-Man movie doesn't end up being any of these options (and the filmmakers could even have a change of heart and ditch the "home" theme, though that seems very unlikely). But of the names on this list, either Spider-Man: Homeland Hunt or Spider-Man: Home Run would be the most fitting based on what little is known about the movie so far. Homeland Hunt would be more suited to the presumed direction the story will take, but Home Run sounds very exciting and attenion-grabbing, so either of them would make for a great title.

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