Black Widow: Hot Toys Unveils Taskmaster & Natasha Romanoff Figures

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Black Widow was supposed to kick off Phase 4 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe last May, but it was ultimately delayed to November due to the pandemic. Despite that, there has been a plethora of information about the Scarlett Johansson-led solo flick in the past months. These include plot teases and future story opportunities to the larger MCU. 

While there is no word if the November release date for Black Widow will stick, the marketing campaign for the film has been in full swing. Several new trailers are reportedly arriving soon while a slew of promotional images has recently surfaced online. As with most MCU films in the past, the film's merchandise and collectible figures are also out in the open to further hype the movie's inevitable release. 

And now, it seems that toy collectors will rejoice once more since two new Black Widow figures will reportedly arrive soon. 


Hot Toys has officially revealed a preview of the "prototypes" from Marvel Studios' Black Widow, which features Natasha Romanoff in a snow suit along with a 1/6th scale Taskmaster collectible figure. 

Black Widow in Snow Suit 1/6th scale figure
Black Widow in Snow Suit Hot Toys 1/6th Scale Figure

The new snow suit of Natasha Romanoff is front and center in this new image from Hot Toys. The titular character's white costume will make its live-action debut in the film, and fans will get the chance to get a closer look at the new suit upon purchasing the figure. 

Taskmaster Hot Toys 1/6th Scale Figure

Taskmaster's might is shown in its full glory along with the villain's sword and shield. The movie-accurate detail of the figure should be enough to entice toy collectors to add the villain to their growing MCU collection. 

Plenty remains unknown about the plot of Black Widow, though past interviews and merchandise may hint at the movie's larger effect to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Natasha's white suit has been featured quite prominently in the film's marketing which could mean that there is a deeper meaning behind the hero's choice of wardrobe. Given that, adding the Hot Toys figure to any toy collector's vault should hold a great deal of significance. 

The mystery surrounding Taskmaster has been the source of numerous speculations ever since the film's first trailer. It will be interesting to see how the villain's identity will be revealed during Black Widow, but with the unknown future due to the pandemic, obtaining a Taskmaster collectible could be a good self-serving prize for now.

However it shakes out, the presence of these figures should serve as a reminder for the much-anticipated release of Black Widow while also providing fans with movie-accurate memorabilia. 

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