Black Widow: New Marvel Promo Cover Features Scarlett Johansson, Florence Pugh & More

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Black Widow

It remains to be seen if Black Widow will push through with its intended November release date, but it appears that the marketing push for the film is still ongoing despite the chatter surrounding the delays. It was previously rumored that the Scarlett Johansson-led prequel will be shifting release dates once again, especially after the reports of Wonder Woman 1984 being delayed to Christmas. 

However, a new trailer for Black Widow was previously released in some theaters, and it included the November release date of the film. On top of that, several interviews from the cast made its way online, providing more hype for the upcoming MCU flick. And now, Marvel Studios released a brand new promotional art for the Phase 4 film.


Marvel Studios released a brand new Black Widow cover from Total Film which features the core characters of the much-anticipated MCU film: 

 Black Widow Total Film Cover
Black Widow Total Film Cover

Meanwhile, Total Film released another look at the cover art, and it featured an exciting quote from Johansson about Romanoff's journey in the film. The Black Widow actress shared that the Avenger will be "finally able to make an active choice" during the much-anticipated flick:

"She's had an incredible 10-year journey- now she's finally able to make an active choice."

Black Widow Total Film Cover
Black Widow Total Film Cover

While the cover art from Total Film doesn't reveal much about Black Widow, this could present a positive sign that the film will stick to its intended November release date. Marvel Studios has been mum about any official updates regarding their upcoming MCU projects, but this new piece of marketing material for Black Widow could be the first big step in releasing more concrete information in the near future. 

It will be interesting to see if any more promotional material from Black Widow will be released by Marvel Studios down the line, especially as the month of November inches closer. If the studio decides to release more marketing for the film, it is expected that Black Widow will push through with the November 6th release date. However, the question of how Black Widow will be released to the public is another topic altogether

Previously, it was revealed that Black Widow was officially listed under the video-on-demand service, Movies Anywhere. Not only that, Variety shared that a brand new poll showed that 85% of people would watch the Phase 4 film at home, rather in movie theaters. Now, this doesn't mean that the prequel will be released the same way like Mulan on Disney+, but it's a safe bet that both Marvel Studios and Disney are currently mapping out plans for the best possible release option for Black Widow

Whatever the case, anticipation is still sky-high for Black Widow since the prequel will kick off an exciting new chapter for the MCU moving forward. Hopefully, Marvel Studios will offer more answers about Black Widow sooner rather than later. 

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