Black Widow: New Trailers Are Reportedly Coming Soon

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In an alternate universe, many would've already witnessed Natasha Romanoff's first solo movie in the form of Black Widow. That isn't the case now since the first entry to Phase 4 of the MCU has been delayed until November due to the ongoing pandemic. Despite that, numerous details about the Scarlett Johansson-led flick have surfaced over time, revealing a lot of tidbits about the upcoming film. 

Last March, the film's final trailer was released online, which obviously led to a plethora of speculation among fans. Given the recent delay of the film, many are wondering if another trailer will be released in order to hype up the film once more. And now, a new confirmation has arrived, hinting that a new trailer is just around the corner. 


Twitter user Jensen Coleman recently unearthed evidence that a new Black Widow trailer was classified today. Based on the listing from the British Board of Film Classification (BBFC), the new trailer is around 2 minutes and 38 seconds and it has a rating of "12A," which means it is suitable for fans who are 12 years and older. 

UPDATE: After diving into BBFC's listing for the film, it seems that another trailer has been classified for Black Widow. The second trailer is around 1 minute and 44 seconds under the same 12A rating. 


With the at-home edition of San Diego Comic-Con arriving this month, the presence of a new trailer for Black Widow would make sense in the eyes of many fans, though it hasn't been confirmed that Marvel Studios will be involved in the upcoming convention. Regardless, some fans would be concerned that the previous trailers of the film have already shown a lot about its plot, and the addition of another trailer could potentially give out more surprises. 

It's worth pointing out that the upcoming trailer for the film could just include previous scenes from earlier trailers, while also adding a few new scenes to keep fans in check. Obviously, fans have been waiting for official MCU content for quite some time now. In a way, Black Widow kicking off things for Marvel Studios through a new trailer is a proper way to get the ball rolling for the MCU. 

Nevertheless, the upcoming new trailer for Black Widow will obviously be a major point of discussion amongst MCU fans. 

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