Black Widow: Movie Could be Released to Athletes in NBA's Return at Disney World

By Pete Hernandez Posted:
Black Widow, portrayed by Scarlett Johansson, and the NBA logo

We may not all be world-class athletes, but there is a chance we share one common trait with a few of them: an appreciation for the Marvel Cinematic Universe. After all, who can forget when LeSean McCoy was introduced to the fandom of the MCU in the aftermath of his viewing (and spoiling) of Avengers: Endgame .

Surely, athletes that are simultaneously Marvel fanatics were disappointed at the news of Black Widow 's delay to November 2020 . But now you can have a chance to watch Black Widow months ahead of time. There is just one caveat: you must be an NBA player heading to Orlando for the season's restart.


According to Keith Smith of Yahoo Sports , Walt Disney World sources hint that the studio will make movies available for players and their families upon the NBA's return in Orlando. The selection will likely include films not yet released to the public, including Marvel's Black Widow .


You don't need a private investigator like Jessica Jones to connect the dots here: the Disney-Marvel connection is at the heart of this new development. Disney is looking to leverage all its benefits in making Orlando a welcome spot for the players and families, and being the parent company of Marvel Studios is just one of those benefits. That means having the luxury of releasing blockbuster films like Black Widow ahead of time.

The real question will be if we have another "LeSean McCoy" incident in the aftermath. The NBA's guidelines prohibit its players and families from leaving the resort during the season, but as we all know social media is the new means of travel. Marvel is notorious for trying to prevent spoilers ahead of worldwide film releases (see: Thanos demands your silence). Merchandise that has already been leaked has sparked new plot theories for the film (beware of spoilers), so we can only imagine what a risk it could be in releasing the film months ahead of time. Just to be safe, Thanos should probably issue another "silence" PSA.

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