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Bethesda Softworks
Rockville, Maryland
Active Since:
June 28, 1986
Notable Games/Movies:
The Evil Within

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Bethesda Reveals Update on The Elder Scrolls 6 Development

Bethesda Game Studios director Todd Howard offered an update on the development of The Elder Scrolls Vl, confirming production has been heavily linked to Starfield's.

By Sam Hargrave -

Bethesda's Starfield Trailer Leaks Ahead of E3 Presentation

The latest teaser for Bethesda's Starfield has leaked online before Xbox's E3 showcase.

By Klein Felt -

E3 Announces Showcase Dates For Bethesda, Ubisoft & More For 2021 Schedule

The full schedule for ESA's E3 2021 convention has been announced.

By David Thompson -

Bethesda's Starfield Reportedly Won't Be Released on PlayStation

Insider Jeff Grubb clarifies Starfield's Xbox exclusivity details.

By Klein Felt -

Xbox VR: Error Message Hints at Future Support of Virtual Reality on Consoles

An error message from an Xbox Series console seems to point towards future VR support on Microsoft consoles.

By Joshua Morgan -

Did Phil Spencer Suggest That Elder Scrolls 6 and Starfield Will Be Xbox Exclusives?

Xbox head Phil Spencer suggested future Bethesda titles may be exclusive to Xbox following the acquisition as the company is committed to releasing on platforms "where Game Pass exists."

By Sam Hargrave -

Bethesda Announces Fallout 4, Doom & Much More For Xbox Game Pass

A number of new Bethesda games have been added to Xbox Game Pass, as revealed by Xbox Wire.

By Joshua Morgan -

Xbox Promises 'Some' Bethesda Exclusive Titles In Acquisition Announcement

Bethesda Softworks is now officially owned by Xbox, with exclusive titles on the way.

By Jack Martin -

When Could Elder Scrolls 6 & Fallout 5 Release? Industry Leaker Predicts It'll Be a While

Elder Scrolls 6 has a rumoured release date of 2026, with Fallout 5 also rumoured to not release until 2030 at the earliest.

By Joshua Morgan -

Fallout New Vegas 2 Rumored To Be In the Works, Could Release Later This Decade

A rumored sequel to Fallout: New Vegas could be in development for later this decade

By Jack Martin -

Xbox's Console Exclusive List For 2021 Is Missing Some Notable Games

Microsoft has announced its list of console exclusive games for 2021, notably missing out any Bethesda titles.

By Joshua Morgan -

Indiana Jones: Bethesda Announces Video Game Based on Harrison Ford Franchise

Bethesda announces an Indiana Jones video game developed by Machine Games.

By Jack Martin -

2021 Video Games: 6 Bold Predictions For the Year

Six bold predictions of what gamers can expect for 2021 from PlaySation and Xbox.

By Klein Felt -

Xbox Exec Teases Possible Exclusivity of Bethesda Studios Games

Head of Gaming Services at Xbox Ben Decker comments on the exclusivity for ZeniMax Games on Microsoft consoles.

By Joshua Morgan -

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